#RHONJ Melissa Gorga and Andy Cohen Claim $30 Million Lawsuit Belongs in Arbitration — Calling For Dismissal!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 is behind us but the off-screen drama continues to heat up!

NBC Universal, Andy Cohen and Melissa Gorga want a $30 million defamation lawsuit filed against them moved to arbitration.

On December 6, the RHONJ star’s former business partner, Jackie Beard Robinson,filed a lawsuit against Gorga, NBC Universal, Andy Cohen, the show’s executive producer, and Dorothy Toran, Sirens Media producer, for defamation, emotional distress and harm for making her look like a thief. 

Melissa Gorga ENVY Grand Opening_RHONJ

Gorga accuses Robinson of lifting clothes from the store in the middle of the night without her knowledge, however, Robinson says she had already parted ways with Gorga on Jan. 1, 2017, before she went to the boutique “in broad daylight” to gather “her belongings.” In addition, Robinson claims Gorga “misappropriated over $37,000 from Envy without authorization, among other things.”

According to new court documents, the defendants claim that Robinson signed two agreements when she appeared on the show and those contracts require claims such as this one to go to arbitration. The defendants filed a motion with Southern District of Florida to dismiss the lawsuit and compel the parties to go to arbitration. In lieu of that, they’d like to either see the case moved from Florida to New York or dismissed entirely.


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