RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Couples Decide Where To Live & Jephte Continues To Be Disinterested!

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This week on Married at First Sight the honeymoons are over and the couples have returned to Boston. Each of the couples must now choose where they will live. They have three choices: his place, her place, or a new place. The problem is, some have roommates, and nothing kills the moment more than your roommate strolling in at two a.m. reminding you of the life you no longer have. Spoiler alert: they all choose new places.

We do learn something about each of the couples as they check out their mate’s apartments. For Jaclyn and Ryan we learn they both want a fresh start and new memories. With Molly and Jon we learn they have similar decorating styles called: extremely boring. And with Jephte and Shawniece we learn that he is a slob and she is overly organized. For the hundredth time, why did the “experts” pick these two?

It’s budget time! It’s one thing to talk about sex, but it’s another thing to talk about money. Am I right? Here we go! Ryan and Jaclyn both make around $60K each annually, believe in saving money and agree to kick in equal amounts for rent. As for Jon and Molly, we know Jon makes $0, though he used to make $70K before he gave it up for a shot at love. Molly makes $55K and explains that getting her hair and nails done will always be part of her budget, and since she’s the only one with a budget, Jon agrees. Jephte and Shawniece don’t say what they make annually, but agree to pay $2,000 per month on an apartment. Jephte loves that Shawniece has financial goals, something he would like to have someday – as well as a pair of balls.

Since Shawniece lives with her family, she agrees to stay at Jephte’s house until they find something new. So what are the sleeping arrangements? Shawniece gets the bed and Jephte gets the floor. When Shawniece leans down to give Jephte a kiss goodnight, he says, “Leave me alone” like a nine-year old who thinks girls have cooties. At this point I’m pretty sure the “experts” just threw a dart and it landed on Jephte.

Jon and Molly are the first to go house-hunting. The first place is a 2/1 apartment with exposed brick for $2,200 per month. FYI: so far these two still haven’t consummated their marriage. The apartment is a no-go for Molly because there’s no parking. Onto the next place which is a 1/1 for $2,100 per month, but is more spacious and has parking. It’s a done deal! Maybe the magic will happen now.

Jephte and Shawniece look at a 2/1 apartment that’s da bomb for $3,000 per month. It comes fully furnished, including utilities, but it’s too expensive. The second place they see is a single family home 2/1 for $1,500. It’s not as trendy as the apartment, but has way more space for these roommates. And Shawniece can see children running around someday, trouble is they belong to other people.

And finally, Ryan and Jaclyn check out a 3/1.5 apartment for $2,500 per month. If you can get past the split pink bathroom, it’s a cute place. But it’s $100 over budget and doesn’t come with parking so it’s thumbs down for Jaclyn. Next the couple check out an awesome apartment with a great view. They both love the downtown location, the furniture it comes with, and it has parking. Time will tell if Jaclyn’s dead boyfriend moves in with them.

Time to get packed and ready to move. Unfortunately, Jon will not be bringing his beloved cat, Dawn. Poor kitty. Jon is giving Dawn to a friend temporarily until he sees how this “marriage” thing works out.

While Jephte packs, Shawniece tries to get frisky, but he wants nothing to do with that. Jephte tells her she has work to do and it doesn’t involve unbuttoning his pants. Jephte confesses that sharing his space is going to be difficult. Looks like the next six weeks are going to be difficult. These two need an “expert” intervention.

As Jaclyn begins packing up her things, she is overcome with emotions. The last time she moved was with her boyfriend “who meant the world to her” and then died. She cries over an empty frame, a Christmas tree stand, and books that aren’t hers. The tears won’t stop and Jaclyn questions whether she can do this. Ryan arrives, ready to help, and gives her a hug. He’s worried that Jaclyn is taking steps backwards instead of forwards. But he’s really great about it and Jaclyn sees how hard he’s trying. Really, really trying.

Shawniece is in need of some counseling from her mom. She’s not feeling like a newlywed. Her mom, Denise, says that Jephte strikes her as someone who needs a minute to process this, but in the meantime Shawniece is wilting like rose without water. Her mom’s jaw hits the ground when she learns that Jephte and her daughter are sleeping in separate rooms, he won’t hold her hand and won’t give her a kiss. Momma warned you, but now isn’t the time for that. Instead mother and daughter cry at the deli table.

Maybe things will change in their new home. Unfortunately they don’t and Jephte is a closed book. Through tears, Shawniece tries to explain to Jephte that she’s tired of feeling unwanted because it’s the worst feeling in the world. This marriage can’t work if only one person is trying. Shawniece asks Jephte where they go from here. Jephte only shrugs his shoulders. My heart is breaking for this woman and I want to hug her. If only her husband felt this way.

Over at Ryan and Jaclyn’s awesome new pad, it’s time for a let’s-get-real meeting. Ryan is questioning if Jaclyn is ready to move on. Jaclyn disagrees with the fact that she’s moving backwards, but perhaps we can all agree she’s moving sideways. Ryan tells Jaclyn he has no baggage like she does. He asks her if she’s over her boyfriend enough to make this work. We don’t get to hear Jaclyn’s answer…until next week.

On the upside, I think Molly and Jon finally got their groove on. Tune in next time when more shit hits the fan because people really shouldn’t get married at first sight.


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