TLC Will Cancel #SisterWives After Season 12 Because of Poor Ratings!

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The gravy train is screeching to a halt for Sister Wives clan, Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

A source tells Life and Style that TLC is pulling the plug on the series, after the plural family  failed to pull in the numbers. The show presented a similar ratings picture in 2016 and reportedly, TLC is finally ready to call it a wrap. 

“TLC was less than impressed by the ratings,” says an insider.

The Season 11 premiere viewership of 1.8 million “was not enough” for the network, the source added.

According to the snitch, Kody renegotiated the family’s salaries, convincing TLC to give them another shot.

“So Kody told them he’d be willing to have the network slash his family’s pay from $180,000 for each adult to $180,000 total if it meant they could make Season 12. He put everything on the line to convince them it could still work,” the source revealed.

Season 12 has focused on Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti Brown’s wedding to newcomer, Tony Padron. Fans have slammed the newest member of the Brown bunch, and Meri Brown’s effort to purchase a house far from her Las Vegas based clan is fueling rumors that she’s preparing to cut and run. Kody and Meri’s marriage barely has a pulse—and even her sister wives have hinted that Meri might be plotting a breakaway.

The source revealed that Kody has been told that the family’s reality TV ride is coming to an end.

“Three years ago, the show could command 2.5 million viewers, but now fans are leaving the show in droves,” the insider says. “TLC has broken the news to Kody that it plans to cancel Sister Wives after the current season because ratings have been so tepid. Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye.”

Do you believe that TLC will finally cut the Browns off their payroll? What’s next for Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn

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