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#SisterWives Kody Brown Counsels Mykelti and Tony On Intimacy In Marriage! (Video)

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Sister Wives lovebirds, Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron, have been married for over a year — but TLC will soon rewind the bliss, and give fans a front row seat to their “I do” moment.

TLC doesn’t want Super Bowl LII to tackle the wedding of the year, so the episode will air on Sunday, February 11th. Take a listen to Kody’s birds n’ bees advice to the bride and groom.

Viewers have been weighing in on Facebook — and have not been shy about sounding off about the upcoming spectacle.

On the happy couple’s look:

“LDS preaches modesty at all times, not just when you’re in church getting married. My point was that she is trying to get into the good graces of LDS, yet is wearing something that is polar opposite of what they consider modest, pretty much guaranteeing that she will not be invited to join the church.”

“I’ve seen the photos – saggy old jeans and a bad jacket, which Mykelti ends up WEARING because it’s cold, so why did they go to all that trouble about the dress anyway??”

“I will never understand brides wearing the topless strapless sleeveless open front and open back dresses, which make them ALL look hideous, particularly the heavier girls.”

Tony is the reason why overweight people get a bad name…most of the people in the United States are overweight, however, when you have an ugly attitude, are lazy, immature, pompous and arrogant, people start to judge…he just looks like he smells…he is beyond disgusting…and it’s not because he is overweight, it’s his attitude!”

“I can say a LOT of things about Tony and Mykelti—but I think she looks great in her dress.”

On the four mothers of the bride:

“Undoubtedly, Meri will still find some way to sulk around. Or…if she keeps quiet, she’ll point out her great sacrifice in some way.” 

Christine has no problem being center of attention…her goofy nature takes away from the seriousness of her marital problems…I used to think she was the “fun” one…but now it is very clear that she is very passive aggressive using her silliness as a facade…her singing is HORRENDOUS!”

Robyn was clearing the path to not show up to the wedding. She’s traveling alone with kids and doing that whiney thing she does, pointing out all of the “cons” of the trip. Now Cody can have a meltdown…”

 “Janelle is the only one w a brain.”

On the details:

“The wedding is a joke. Beating piñatas and 4000 tacos. Then to top it off Christine singing is horrible. I wish they would take the cameras off of that joke Mykelti and fat lazy prejudice Tony.

“No class, kinda rude and selfish to have an outdoor wedding expecting guests and kids to be uncomfortable in cold windy weather…smh”

“This wedding is more like a kids birthday party. Piñatas? Really. 4000 tacos. Is Tony’s family paying for any of his ridiculous sons demands? A total joke.”

“Can’t wait to spend two hours of my life watching people throw frisbees, Tony and Mykelti beating ugly piñatas to death and watching Tony devour tacos on TV. This will be the wedding of the year!”

Last week’s recap was bumped by breaking tea — but now it’s time for you to snark your predictions about the Brown brouhaha, set to play out next week. Who’s ready for the “vintage” fiesta?

Sister Wives will pick up Sunday, February 11th. 


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