Blind Item: Reality Star Trapped In A Web of Lies! (Exclusive)

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

A social media hurricane has fans of a popular reality show scratching their heads — and a reality star sits in the hot seat. 

A crazy sidekick is tarnishing the uppity reality star’s image — and fans are hankering for the backstory.

The truth lies in an old feud — that’s been twisted to cyber-slam an innocent woman. The reality star and her scholarly sidekick set out to cyber-troll a fiery cast enemy — but a broken heart changed the controller’s target.

The reality starwell is now stuck in the muck — and knows that her scorned sidekick could expose her unrefined style at any time. 

Name the reality star, the sidekick, cast enemy and reality show.

Reality Star:


Cast Enemy:

Reality Show:


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