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‘Grow Up!’ Wendy Williams Drags Kandi Burruss For ‘High School’ Behavior Towards Porsha Williams!

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Kandi Burruss has been quite the shade queen lately on The Real Housewives of Atlanta towards Porsha Williams.

Their beef over false drug/rape allegations from last season has not been forgiven by the Bedroom Kandi mogul.

During the latest episode of RHOAPorsha Williams attended Kandi’s Essence magazine cover party under the impression of improving their relationship, but discovered Kandi’s only intention was to flaunt her success in Porsha’s face. Their dynamic was seriously awkward and very uncomfortable to watch.

While most can’t blame the 41-year-old for holding a grudge against Porsha, talk show maven, Wendy Williams, is over Kandi’s unforgiving spirit and dragged her. “Grow up and stop being High School,” Williams slammed Burruss.

Porsha also blasted Kandi’s mean girl antics as “pathetic” and “classless,” on her Dish Nation show.

“For me I accepted the invitation because if you’re trying to get to a better place with someone and they invite you somewhere, especially for something special like this, I felt like I needed to go to show my support,” said Porsha. “You know as an effort towards doing better in our relationship.”

“Then watching the show last night, I was like this girl is so petty. It was just like beyond pathetic. Beyond classless. I just thought it was ridiculous. I wish I hadn’t gone,” stated Porsha.  “And then I didn’t know that she was giving the invitation begrudgingly like ‘Oh I’m going to invite her so she can see what winning looks like.’”

“Baby, you’re not the only one getting blessed honey,” said Porsha. “And I already thought that she thought she was better than me and better than other people, and now I see it. And that’s not humble sweetie. Check your attitude. I know exactly what winning looks like. You can see it right here.”

Share your thoughts on Kandi’s behavior. Dom you feel her last season grudge is justified? Sound off in the comments!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights, at 8:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.

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