RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Newlyweds Test The Marital Waters On their Honeymoons!

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Welcome back to Jamaica, mon! This week on Married at First Sight, dark clouds are beginning to gather as day six of the marriages approach. We begin with Ryan who explains that last night he and Jaclyn had to address the dead boyfriend – and it wasn’t pretty. He’s worried about constant comparisons from Jaclyn and hopes they can move forward on their own. So far, he feels they are great at compromising. And anyone who’s been married knows there’s a lot of compromising going on.

Up next, Molly and Jonathan, whom she now calls, Jon, are going on a dune-buggy excursion. Jon is bouncing around like an eight year-old on three cans of Red Bull. He’s definitely a big kid, which can be great or annoying, depending on the situation. In this situation Molly finds him annoying because even though she asked Jon to take it easy driving the dune-buggy, he didn’t, and she is now covered in mud.

Onto Jephte and Shawniece. Things are pretty cold between the married strangers, I get the feeling Shawniece feels more alone today than she did a week ago. On the plus side, the red roses in her hair are very pretty. The couple has an online session with “expert” Pastor Calvin. He asks how it’s going. Shawniece says she’s tired of being called a stranger. Jephte says he doesn’t want to feel pressured or forced. Hello? Do you not realize what reality show you signed up for? Shawniece says why stick around if she’s not wanted. The Pastor describes Jephte as cautious and Shawniece as all in, and Jephte needs to stop holding back or there’s going to be a problem. Amen to that.

Jaclyn and Ryan are spending their last day shopping at the local market. Ryan buys everything Reggae including a bathing suit for Jaclyn that he will later surprise her with and she will not like. Right now, Jaclyn feels like she’s hanging out with her buddy as Ryan haggles with every vendor, trying to “keep everyone honest.” And that’s fine for now, she says, but Jaclyn hopes this Ryan stays in Jamaica when they return to Boston.

Up next, Molly and Jon are having their session with Dr. Jessica. When asked how things are going, Molly doesn’t hesitate to tell the “expert” about Jon’s constant state of man-child. Then for the cherry-on-top emasculation, Molly says she doesn’t want to have sex with a 12 year-old. Jon is floored by this. For now he is adopting the “wait and see” attitude with their future until they get back to Boston. Dr. Jessica is worried that if Molly doesn’t soften her threshold of annoyance, things may not get off the ground for these two. Molly’s just jealous she’s not the fun one.

The following morning, the girls and guys get together separately for a private bitch session. Won’t this be fun! Molly wants the girls to get honest. She asks what their first impression was. All say they weren’t feeling it at first sight. OMG! I bet they are cringing at that statement now. Over to the men, Ryan asks about the call with the “expert.” Jon makes the noise “pffft” several times.

The word “stranger” comes up with both the women and the men, and everyone has different reactions to it. Some like the word, others hate it. Jephte confesses that he and Shawniece got into a fight on their first night, and if they weren’t married, he would have walked out already. Jon calls the honeymoon the “longest first date on the planet.” The most shocking news is that Jephte and Shawniece are sleeping in separate rooms. Wowza! Jaclyn admits to having sex with her stranger – and there’s no judgment from the ladies – because they are jealous. Ryan and Jon get into a tiff when Ryan makes a dig about Jon’s unemployment status, suggesting he’s not #adulting.

Later, Jon and Molly have a very productive sit-down. He asks how much fun he’s allowed to have making fun of her. Molly says that doesn’t bother her (yet). We learn that Molly went to a performing arts high school and can do high-wire, trapeze, juggling and contortionist moves. Jon is once again thanking his lucky stars for this woman. He tells Molly she is the cool one and he will try to tone it down.

It’s time for Shawniece and Jephte to discuss the living arrangements once they return to Boston. Jephte explains that because he gets up early to teach, he wants nothing to do with a crazy commute. Shawniece says that’s cool, she’ll go live at his place. Jephte tells her he’s not exactly sure when or if his roommate will move out because that would become her room. Jephte’s go-to answer is, “We’ll figure it out” which is code for, “There’s a stranger moving in.”

Here’s the thing with Ryan, sometimes he is so dripping with compliments, it’s hard to gauge his sincerity. For example, he repeats his vows at dinner. Some women would find this very endearing, if they’ve known the guy longer than a week. Jaclyn tells Ryan he’s “special” and we all know what “special” is code for. Jaclyn conveys her reluctance to trust someone she doesn’t know yet. Ryan says he understands, but does he? Jaclyn is definitely working a good wine buzz – so she’s got that going for her.

Jon and Molly are dining on sushi, discussing the new living arrangements. Jon says his place is one big bedroom. Molly says they’re going to have to move to a bigger place to fit Jon’s personality. She likes his neighborhood, but doesn’t want his cat because of her allergies. Ruh-roh! Jon says they can talk about getting a cat bed for the other room later, if they stay married, because this could be a problem. And it’s a problem that’s come up in other seasons. The “experts” probably need to integrate canine and feline questions into the process.

Guess what? Jephte has made a big step! He has decided to sleep in Shawniece’s room. Not in her bed, mind you, but baby steps for this guy. From separate beds they try a few getting-to-know-you exercises. Jephte repeats the sentence, “You are my wife and I am in this for the long haul.” And breaks into giggles. Shawniece says, “You are my husband and I have your back.” Then she tries to get into bed with Jephte and have his front, but he freaks out and is like, “Eww, get away from me.”

The honeymoons are officially over. The couples seem happy to be going home and getting on with their so-called lives. Are they growing closer? Are they growing further apart? If nothing else, it was a free trip to Jamaica, mon! Hopefully they are all leaving with the souvenir of hope because happily ever after is a stretch right now.

Tune in next week when the couples move in together and struggle with the fact that life is not a beach in Jamaica.

He’d rather be hard to love than easy to leave.


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