#RHOA RECAP: Newbie Eva Marcille Exposes Cynthia Bailey’s New Boyfriend As A Cheater!

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked off with Porsha Williams whipping up some vegan dishes while filling Kim Zolciak in on the drama that occurred in Houston and Kenya Moore’s meltdown. Porsha is trying to convert Kim, who is a vegetarian to vegan but all Kim has on the brain is shading Kenya’s marriage and sex life! According to Kim, Kenya’s marriage is non-existent just like her sex life. Porsha blurts out that Kenya was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend in his truck at McDonald’s. Kim likes the vegan meal and asks for a to-go plate for bodyguard Kroy, who’s waiting out in the car.

Across town, Kandi and her cute little son, Ace, visit an event space to celebrate her recent Essence cover debut. Don Juan and Carmon are in charge of planning the event. Kandi has rehired Carmon since good help is hard to find and Kandi has major trust issues ever since her former employee Johnnie sued her. Don Juan wants to know if Kandi is going to invite Porsha. Kandi says to send her an invite, so she can shamelessly flaunt her success in Porsha’s face!

Over at Cynthia Bailey’s lake house — her new friend(?) boyfriend(?) Will, stops by for a dinner date. During their romantic meal, she tells him that she trusts him, despite what her friends were saying. Will assures her that he’s committed to her, and only her, and added that his goal for his next stage of his life was to “have a family and be successful at that.” Cynthia then admitted she was actually still on a dating site, and he didn’t like that so much. “I don’t have another boo. I’ll be 42 at the end of the year. My goal in this next stage in my life is to have a family and be successful in that. So, I don’t want to date multiple women. I want to focus on you. If you’re not ready, I get it.” Will tells Cynthia.

Eva the Diva has arrived, hunty! NeNe Leakes runs down Eva Marcille’s extensive resume. She’s dating Atlanta mayoral candidate, Michael Sterling, and she’s sending her daughter to a school in Atlanta. Eva’s getting settled in the ATL and since she’s good friends with NeNe — the ladies chit chat and bring each other up to speed. NeNe wants to show off the top model around town.

Meanwhile, Kenya’s shopping exercise equipment shopping for her mystery husband’s birthday. Kenya is joined by her chef cousin, who questions if her husband is going to be in Atlanta more often. Kenya’s not sure but wants her husband to move to Atlanta — She’s hopeful he’ll move. But not sure! Say what now? “I’m hoping he’ll move because I do want to have a baby in the near future,” she said. She also says that they purchased a car together, and he bought a stick shift even though she can’t drive it and doesn’t like it.

Cynthia, Will, Kandi, Todd, Kenya, Kim, Porsha, Sheree Whitfield, Nene and Nene’s friend Eva all gathered to celebrate Kandi’s Essence magazine cover. Before the event Eva tells Nene that she knows Will — they met at a cigar bar two months ago and he had introduced a woman he was with to her as his girlfriend. Cut to Will telling Cynthia he had been single for over two years.

Now this is where the drama breaks out! Shortly after entering the event, the newbie dropped a major bombshell that shocked the ladies. Eva tells a tale about hanging out with Will and his “girlfriend” a few months earlier. “Now, you know, relationships might die so they might have broken up that night,” Marcille told Leakes. “He didn’t say how long they were dating but it didn’t seem new… This happened four days before the world knew he was dating Cynthia, like two months ago.”

NeNe then shares the news with Kandi, Kenya, and Marlo. “I am not really surprised about this Will news. I am not,” Kandi says. Kenya pulls Cynthia aside to break the news to her and Cynthia confronts Will. “I know that we’re not exclusive. I know that we’re just dating. But I don’t want to date you if you have a girlfriend,” Cynthia said to Will. Will plays victim and gets defensive, and calls Eva over. Eva and Will get into a back and forth heated debate over his alleged girlfriend. While Nene, Kenya, and Kandi all give the cheater Will major side eye, while a bewildered looking Cynthia says she “confused.”


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