#RHONJ RECAP: Siggy Flicker Exposes Thieving Margaret Josephs’ Million Dollar Lawsuit!

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On the final installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey two-part reunion, tensions explode as Kim DePaola enters the reunion stage and Teresa Giudice risks violating her probation!

“Clink…clink” Kim postures and the gesture sends the convicted felon into a rage — “You’re lucky I’m on f*cking probation, b*tch,” Teresa shouts as she charges the boutique owner. 

Once again, Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania’s loyalty to Teresa (and Melissa) is questioned over their decision to participate in Kim’s Posche fashion show to benefit charity. Dolores and Siggy stand firm in their choice, pointing out that the event was for charity. Melissa Gorga interjects to share that cheating rumors hurt families. Teresa and Kim go back and forth screaming at each other. Then the topic of the charity event’s budget is raised. Kim explains each girl earned $1,000 a piece to walk in the show, to which Teresa criticizes and claims she gets a lot more to attend charity initiatives.

Melissa pipes in that Kim goes for the jugular and hits below the belt when she involves family. Kim reminds Melissa that the insults go both ways — and that her son has been called “filthy names” also. Kim proudly owns her outspoken nature and says it beats being frauds like all of them. Teresa jumps in and makes the most outlandish claim — even for her — she claims that Kim funds her lifestyle by running a prostitution ring. The room goes silent for a second before Kim denies the wild allegation. The boutique owner, says she sells clothes but wouldn’t mind being one. Kim claps back and accuses Teresa (and Melissa’s husband) of stealing from other people — Teresa lies with a straight face and denies being a thief despite having conviction for defrauding $5 million. Melissa says Kim wishes she had a man like her Joey Gorga. And I almost fell out of my chair. Thanks for the laughs Melissa — that was the funniest part of the reunion for me. 

Siggy steps in and tries to bring some common sense into the mix. “I’m praying that we can find peace in all this,” she says. “Teresa has a right to be angry.” Melissa asks, “Do I have a right to be angry?” Siggy’s responds, “Yes, but…” Siggy just wants all the ladies to get along. Before Kim departs the stage, she comments on her broken friendship with Danielle Staub. She tells her that her inability to let things go is the reason for their relationship fallout. Kim’s parting words “I’m not a troublemaker,” amuses host, Andy Cohen.

A flashback of Siggy’s happy family life is shown. Since her son Joshua left for college, she’s dealing with empty nest syndrome and is considering moving to Boca Raton, Florida. Siggy has decided to cut back on work and her hormone pellets have increased her libido — and Michael is a very happy camper! Andy questions Siggy about plastic surgery backlash and she feels “You live life once. Do what you have to do to make yourself feel better.” Margaret Josephs interjects and Siggy brings up Marge’s recent bankruptcy filing. Marge admits that she is being sued for copyright infringement by Vineyard Vines, for stealing their logo, and maintains this is “common business practice” in their industry. Siggy blasts the logo pilferer “Everything that I teach my kids not to be is her,” says Siggy.

Next, Dolores updates Andy on her love life. She’s still dating the doctor but also still living with her ex husband Frank, however, they’re not having sex, “I don’t feel like we’re apart anymore to tell you the truth,” she says. Then Dolores blasts Danielle for judging her relationship with Frank. The Teresa gossip that Danielle claims she was told by Dolores is brought up and Danielle denies making the story up. She recalls having a conversation over the phone with Dolores, on the way to her house. “I don’t think any of your intentions were ill,” Danielle acknowledges. Dolores says she can’t confirm if Danielle is truly a druggie, but feels something is “off,” adding that she thought Danielle may be popping Xanax. This infuriates Danielle, and Dolores calls her a “skank.” Danielle shouts back, “I get it. You don’t like me, but shut the f*ck up and stop calling me names.” Dolores then calls Danielle a “professional victim.” During a break, Danielle barked, “I don’t want anything to do with Dolores Catania, that piece of sh*t,” from her dressing room.

Andy transitions into the Hitler drama between Margaret and Siggy. “Did Kim D. build concentration camps?” Siggy asks. “We don’t know,” Teresa answers. *Sigh* Andy throws his Jewish parents into the fray, and says they were not offended by Marge’s comment. Margaret starts screaming and refuses to acknowledge that her “analogy” was inappropriate. Dolores admits to Andy that she doesn’t believe Margaret is anti-Semitic and Siggy says, “Only Margaret knows what’s in her heart,” Siggy sighed. She then added, “Shame on you!!!” when Margaret rattles off her Jewish credentials. “You are not Jewish. You didn’t convert. You are not Jewish.”

Season 8 is officially a wrap! Andy ends the reunion by surprising the ladies with a cake — a reproduction of the one Melissa, and her squad wrecked in Boca. Oh that Andy Cohen is the messiest of all the queens! They don’t dare throw this cake but Teresa smashes a tiny piece on Andy’s cheek. “Can I lick it off?” she jokes. 


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