Blind Item: Former Fling Stalks Single Dad’s New Girlfriend! (Exclusive)

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

A single reality dad is starting over — but a crazy ex is hell-bent on breaking up his sweet happily ever after.

The reality dad found his true love, however, a former fling’s filial obsession with smearing his new girlfriend’s reputation has veered into stalker territory.

The exes met through a mutual friend and their romp in the sack only lasted for a brief time.

The ex girlfriend uses fake identities to twist the woman’s past, and turn a clueless cast against her.

The southern gentlemen has been slammed with tacit allegations, rumors and lies — all designed to disrupt his future, and wreck the romance soon to play out on a southern stage.

Nasty fibs rooted in ferocious envy — one of the Seven Deadly Sins — is muckin’ up the storyline y’all. But the truth will eventually come out.

Name the reality dad, the ex, new girlfriend and reality show.

The reality dad:

The ex:

The new girlfriend:

The reality show:


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