RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ Each Couple Embarks On Their Honeymoon!

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They say if you really want to get to know someone, travel with them. This week on Married at First Sight, all three couples have traveled to the beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica, for their honeymoons, and to get to know their new spouses. Let the learning begin!

Molly describes waking up with Jonathon in Jamaica as “surreal” and says they are still taking the intimacy thing slow. In other words, no home runs have been scored. For now, they seem content to be in each other’s company and are optimistic for their future.

Next we check in on Jaclyn and Ryan who are both very happy. Ryan is surprising Jaclyn with a trip to Dolphin Cove. This will be the first time for both to swim with the dolphins. It’s a special day for the couple as they make out with the dolphins. Jaclyn says it’s a tie on who is the better kisser. And Ryan is okay with this. Their humor is well synced – for now.

Shawniece and Jephte are going to visit the waterfalls. Hopefully this will put them in a better place and Jephte will open up more. But Jephte is nervous about all the caution signs for the waterfalls. Unfortunately this puts Shawniece in the position of being the strong one, and like a good little lad, Jephte follows Shawniece to the top of the waterfalls. But wait, Jephte passes Shawniece and takes the lead. Yay Jephte! The two kiss at the top. FYI this was their first kiss since their wedding day. WTF?

Molly and Jonathan are having a couples massage. This is Molly’s first ever massage and she thinks having a stranger touch her is gross. Good to know – unless you’re Jonathan. Afterwards, when asked how she felt about the massage, Molly says, “Uhh…it was good.” Molly describes the anxiety she feels when someone she doesn’t know tries to put their hands on her. Jonathan tells Molly she’s in the driver’s seat. Then he chugs his glass of champagne and feels slightly less alone.

Ryan and Jaclyn are spending time at the beach. Ryan asks Jaclyn what she was doing this time last year. She was smack dab in the middle of grief, but all Jaclyn says is she was in the Cape and wasn’t in the best of spirits. Molly has yet to divulge the news about her dead boyfriend, so to change the topic, she starts a game where she writes a word in the sand and Ryan must guess it. Even though Ryan is pretty good at the game, he says the game “stinks” and calls it “corny.” This hurts Molly’s feelings because there’s nothing wrong with being corny, but there is something wrong with stinking.

It’s Day 5 of the marriages and the couples will be having their first group activity of paddle boarding. The couples meet at the beach and get along instantly. They dine together first and start sharing details. Molly asks Shawniece if she and Jephte are similar. That’s a big fat no from Shawniece. She says she is more outgoing and bubbly. Jephte pouts about this. And then Shawniece says, “It could be worse.” The entrée is served with awkward silence.

Molly and Jonathan say they are like peas and carrots, but Molly admits Jonathan’s energy level is higher than hers. So, turns out, Ryan can’t swim and needs floaties for the paddle board lesson. At first I thought he was joking because this dude is a fire-fighter, but it’s hard to tell if this is a joke or not. More stress occurs when Shawniece cuts her foot and Jephte won’t help her – unless you consider reminding someone they told them not to go into the water – help. This is called a red flag in my book. Even Molly is disappointed for Shawniece. Jephte finally carries Shawniece, upside down, to the lounge chairs. Knight in shining armor – he is not.

Molly and Jephte talk about why they agreed to go on this show, it was because neither were connecting with people they were dating. Shawniece asks if anyone has done the “S” word yet – which is none of her damn business, woman. Funny story, joker Ryan says he and Jaclyn are waiting for just the right time, when in actuality they’ve been humping like rabbits since their wedding night. Molly says they are waiting to get to know each other better and Shawniece says she is waiting for her husband to get to know her better. Which says it all.

There is homework tonight. The couples must answer questions assigned by the experts. We learn Jaclyn isn’t bothered by how much Ryan talks, but thinks on down the line, this could become a problem. When asks about a frightening event, Jaclyn mentions losing her boyfriend. She describes the roller coaster of crushing emotions she felt. Ryan is very empathetic, but feels this too can become a problem on down the line. The upside is, these two have a lot in common.

It’s time for Jephte and Shawniece to answer some questions. Shawniece says her biggest character flaw is shutting down and Jephte says he is stubborn. In his testimonial, Jephte says he can see himself falling for Shawniece, but when he tries to open up by telling Shawniece he’s enjoying the baby-steps approach to marriage, this upsets her because she feels things are going too slow. Things get worse when Jephte tells Shawniece not to touch him. She calls off the homework assignment and goes to sit by herself on the balcony. They are officially having their first fight.

Jephte checks on Shawniece to make sure she hasn’t jumped, but then tells her not to curse. What the fuck, man? What’s wrong with cursing? Sometimes it’s pretty fucking appropriate. Once again I find myself asking, why were these two matched? It might be time for an emergency session with one of the so-called experts because Shawniece is crying and Jephte can’t handle it.

Meanwhile, Molly and Jonathan and Jaclyn and Ryan are having the time of their lives. So far, the couples most likely to make it the entire eight weeks are in this order: 1) Molly and Jonathan 2) Jaclyn and Ryan 3) Shawniece and Jephte. But guess what, all that changes next week. The drama spikes when the couples discuss their future living arrangements.


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