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#TeenMomOG Fans Drag Amber Portwood for Child Neglect Amid Feud With Baby Daddy Gary & His Wife!

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Amber Portwood announced that she was “taking a break” from social media on Tuesday — but not before Twitter spanking her ex, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina, after the couple bashed her parenting on Teen Mom OG.

Amber predictably raked MTV production for turning her newest relationship and current pregnancy into “a joke.” 

MTV captured Gary and Kristina discussing Amber’s shoddy parenting style, and after seeing the episode, Amber sounded off on Twitter — blasting the couple, and reminding them that they owe her their MTV fame. 

Amber alleged on the show that a battle with post-breakup depression was behind the blocks of time detached from her daughter, Leah, 9. However, Amber backtracked on Twitter, blaming a stint on Marriage Bootcamp as the reason for her absence. Either way, she managed to snag a new man along the way — a detail that did not escape Leah’s attention. Gary and Kristina called her out on the show—and Amber fired back.

An astute onlooker nailed Amber to the wall — and lots of viewers chimed in similar thoughts. 


Amber got down and dirty, and went for the jugular—blasting her daughter’s stepmother—the woman who is regularly featured caring for Leah.

Amber revealed that she was off her meds due to the pregnancy—-after her two day “break” from Twitter. This will be her new beau, Andrew Glennon’s first child.

What do you think—is Amber using her mental illness as an excuse to neglect her daughter?

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