RECAP: ‘Married at First Sight’ The Couples Share Their First Night Together As Husband and Wife!

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It’s time for the wedding night on Married at First Sight! How scary is that! Will they? Won’t they? Anything’s possible when you agree to marry a complete stranger. We begin with Shawniece and Jephte. Shawniece says she’s nervous because she hasn’t had sex — with another person — in 14 months. Hey Shawniece, it’s like riding a tandem bicycle. Everything works fine once you figure out the rhythm and who’s up front. Of course, we know Shawniece will be upfront. Poor Jephte will be running behind her.

In their hotel suite, Molly and Jonathan are happy to finally be alone. Molly tells Jon his mom is a cutie. Not exactly pillow talk, but the pressure to marry a stranger and have it filmed must be excruciating. Not for Jonathan. He feels that losing his job was worth the risk because he may have hit the jackpot with Molly. He’s ready to kick it, but realizes he may not want to hedge his funds so soon and dangling the carrot may be his best bet.

Jaclyn and Ryan are definitely the most at ease with each other. They feed each other chocolate covered strawberries and drink champagne in their suite. Ryan suggests they take their shoes off, remove his bowtie, and cuddle on the bed. He says he wants to slow it down, but on the other hand, they’re married, so why not. He’s had plenty of one-night stands where he hardly knew that person.

As they get ready for bed, Shawniece discovers a bowl of colorful condoms, but Jephte shuts that down and just wants to go to sleep. It’s clear these two will not be getting busy, unless Shawniece forces herself on Jephte while he sleeps. Molly is ready to get out of her dress, hint, hint, and it’s questionable as to whether she and Jonathan will be able to wait. Their chemistry is popping line a champagne cork. And Jaclyn and Ryan are both open to the whole bow-chicka-wow-wow on the wedding night, but neither is sure if they should/could/would wait. Time will tell with all three.

It’s day 1 for the married couples. The have spent their first night together as husband and wife and must endure the dreaded morning-time conversation. When asked by Molly, Jonathan says he slept well except for being woken up in the middle of the night for a two-hour something-something. Mmm-hmm. Over at Ryan and Jaclyn’s room there are empty condom wrappers on the floor. Like four. What does that mean? He couldn’t get the first three on? Or they shook the walls all night long? Again, they don’t clarify. As for Jephte and Shawniece — you can tell nothing happened. Zero. Nada. They’re still very awkward with each other and Jephte doesn’t like how Shawniece, and her crazy morning hair, pee with the door open.

A basket arrives for each of the couples to tell them where they’ll be going on their honeymoons. This year all three couples will be going to the same resort in Jamaica, which is different than years past. This is so the couples can reach out for support from one another should they need it. And I’m sure they will. As they pack for the trip, we learn Molly is not open to sex toys at all. Too bad because we can tell Jonathan really likes the ball gag his buddy’s got him.

The couples must have another helping of family awkwardness with the in-laws before they leave. This is a big step. You know they’re wondering if the deed was done. And Jephte’s family had to leave town, so it’s just him with Shawniece’s family. Grandma wants details, but she is denied, because do you really want to say, “Grandma, we brushed our teeth and went to bed.” What’s weird is Jephte kind of clicks with his mother-in-law more than he has so far with his new wife. They were comfortable enough to speak of family members who were killed and incarcerated. 

Over with Molly and Jonathan, the conversation is very polite. Jonathan’s mom says all she wants is for her kids to be happy and both moms say their expectations have been met and surpassed. In fact, everyone thinks the experts did a great job with Molly and Jonathan. #jealous

As for Ryan and Jaclyn, the chatter is honest, if nothing else. Jaclyn’s father was extremely skeptical with this format. Her parents tried to discourage Jaclyn from doing this, as any parents worth their salt would. You can visibly see Ryan gulp halfway through his father in-law’s speech, but quickly things shift when he says they’re now on Team Ryan. Their parents have each been married 42 and 36 years, respectively. Wow, the pressure’s on.

Before they can go on their honeymoon, the couples must meet with the “expert” Dr. Jessica Griffin. Molly and Jonathan go first and tell the Doc they feel comfortable with each other, but admit they didn’t hook up. WTF? Guess the something-something was nothing-nothing. Jonathan says he’d rather be right, than go too fast because there isn’t a finish line, said the guy who didn’t have sex on his wedding night.

When Ryan and Jaclyn meet with Dr. Griffin she tells them they are the couple all the experts voted as most likely to hook up succeed. Then, for some reason the Doc tells them to be prepared for possible bumps in the road. Thanks for spoiling the mood, Dr. Killjoy. Ryan says they are excited to go on the honeymoon and get to know each other better, even though they may ask questions the other doesn’t want to answer. Like a girl with a dead boyfriend.

And as for Jephte and Shawniece, they both say they are attracted to each other, but Jephte says he needs to get used to this stranger he now calls his wife. This visibly pains Shawniece. Dr. Griffin explains there were lots of reasons they were a solid match, but Jephte says it doesn’t matter, Shawniece is still a complete stranger. Are you kidding me? Why sign up for this show if you can’t embrace taking a leap of faith? Shawniece is about to cry. Hey Jephte, if you want a guarantee, marry a refrigerator.

In the limo to the airport, Jaclyn and Ryan discuss that he’s not used to wearing condoms and she’s not used to taking birth control. Won’t this be fun to work out? Molly tells Jonathan she must touch the outside of the airplane before getting on and he teases her about her quirkiness. And Jephte shares with Shawniece he doesn’t like airports or planes. Just wait for security check. He may turn around and leave.

And they’re off to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Ryan and Jaclyn and Molly and Jonathan all arrive without any drama. But not Jephte and Shawniece. They had drama. They missed their connecting flight and their luggage is four hours away. Jephte says, “I hope this isn’t a bad omen.” Oh, but I think it is. Shawniece says, “This will only make us stronger.” Oh, but I think it won’t. And the two have their first tiff when Shawniece toasts Jephte’s first time out of the country and Jephte adds that traveling sucks. It does, but this hurts Shawniece’s feelings because she’s trying to make the best of things. Play along Jephte, will ya?

Molly and Jonathon arrive after dark and are digging their suite. Any minute these two are going to explode. Fingers crossed this time something-something happens.

Tune in next time when each of the couples endure awkward moments learning to connect through their assigned exercises.


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