RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Quad Webb-Lunceford Says Her Marriage Is In Turmoil and At ‘A Crossroads’

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Friday night’s episode of Married to Medicine picks up with Mariah and Heavenly’s explosive fight at Contessa’s 90’s party. Their argument grows into a heated shouting match before Contessa breaks it up. The ladies each go to separate corners but tempers have not simmered. Heavenly rambles to Jackie about Mariah never taking accountability. Meanwhile, Simone is still drunk hyped up from Contessa’s cheap booze and has now picked a fight with Mariah. The doctor starts screaming about Mariah not forgiving the ladies and owning her wrongs but Mariah can’t “own it” if she has no clue what she’s done to them. Simone fails to name one thing that Mariah has said behind their backs. At this point, Toya steps up as a friend and removes Mariah from the witch-hunt. Then an ugly storm rolls in — sending the unruly guests out the door — much to Contessa’s relief.

A few days after the party, Heavenly and her husband Damon, are home rehashing the devil on Heavenly’s back. She asks Damon how he felt about her behavior that day — he admits that her responses are HARSH and she needs to gain better control of herself. Heavenly credits her ratchet antics to another bump in the road on her spiritual journey. I guess all that praying and going to church is not working. She ends their chat by planting a kiss on Damon and telling him to undress for a warm bath. I now see how this man stays with this woman.

Over at Contessa’s house, she’s still cleaning up after her disastrous 90’s party. Contessa and her husband Scott, are struggling to balance work life and family, after Ms. Renee’s sudden departure. They both agree that the ladies need to resolve their disagreements without screaming. The couple address their major nanny issue — Ms. Renee, who’s still M.I.A. after their explosive fight where the nanny begged to be fired and threw something at her boss. Contessa and Ms. Renee have gone a week without reaching out and that’s not normal based on previous quarrels. Ms. Renee’s continued employment with the family is questionable after she disrespected Contessa. The parents ponder rearranging their schedules to care for their kids.

Mariah and Simone meet for lunch to talk through their blow up at Contessa’s party. Simone keeps saying Mariah is not owning her stuff but Mariah says she can’t apologize for issues she has no clue about. Simone claims that Mariah talks behind their backs but provides no proof or examples of her claims.

Mariah says she was planning to apologize to Heavenly after she apologized to her mom, however, Heavenly recanted her apology when she disrespected Ms. Lucy again at Contessa’s party. Mariah and Simone agree to put their issues aside and move forward in their friendship.

Across town, Jackie and Curtis continue their courting with a second date. Curtis arrives at Jackie’s house with flowers and dinner in hand. Jackie comments that Curtis seems remorseful and she’s willing to explore reconciliation but cautiously. After all a light bulb needs to be fixed and she misses her in-house handyman. The two make small talk and Curtis hopes that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Jackie admits that she’s lonely and misses having her husband in the home. Watch the scene below.

Meanwhile, Simone removes her messy hat and puts on a doctor’s coat. Dr. Simone is examining Henrietta — a “little person,” who has never had a gynecological exam before. Dr. Simone is patient and gentle as she performs the pap smear procedure. The young lady’s mother is pleased that her daughter is in good hands with Dr. Simone.

Heavenly takes her daughter, Alaura, to see vocal coach to the stars — Ms. Jan! She’s the same vocal coach that tried to teach Kim Zolciak how to sing, but to no avail. But Heavenly is hopeful that Ms. Jan will make her daughter an instant super star, like rapper Ludacris, but Ms. Jan advises her to pump the brakes, stars are not made overnight. Alaura is not horrible but Ms. Jan has her work cut out for her.

Over at Simone and Cecil’s house, the couple discuss Simone being blindsided after Cecil took $25,000 out of their joint account. Cecil did this to invest in a business venture but failed to notify his wife first. The faux pas has caused a lot of stress in their marriage and created trust issues. Cecil acknowledges his actions were shady and explains that he was scared to tell Simone, in fear that she would shoot down his investment idea. Simone advises him that a repeat of this action will not be tolerated. Their discussion is amicable and ends without a fight. 

At Contessa’s medical practice, her schedule is jammed packed and she needs her hubby Scott, to pick up her daughter from school and take her to swimming practice. After seeing a few patients, Scott calls and informs his wife that he picked up their daughter but he’s 15 minutes late because of his own work commitments. Her husband tells her that their daughter doesn’t want to come home unless mommy is there and the guilt over missing moments with her kids takes an emotional toll on Contessa

Toya tries to seduce Eugene and bring the sexy back into their life with a dog collar. But Eugene questions, “what the hell we suppose to do with a dog collar,” and describes the steamy scene as “50 Shades of Black People” — and they don’t do that. 

Quad and Gregory attempt to solve their problems with a marital focus group. The couple have been at odds with Quad claiming Gregory has not been able to support her emotionally. She comments that they’re at “a crossroads” in their marriage. The two sit down with two other couples to talk in a marital focus group.The people at the marital focus group are very close friends of theirs, “We have tried therapy a few times and it hasn’t worked out for us,” Gregory says. “So this is a group of friends, all of whom have been through their own issues. And we get together and support each other in our marriages.” 

Unfortunately, things take a turn when Gregory gets up to take a business call “When I got into this, I kind of already knew that I would be second to his career,” Quad tells the focus group, then she tells Gregory upon his return to the group, ” I understand I am No. 2.” Gregory tries to assure Quad that she’s not No. 2 but it doesn’t work. “Here’s the thing … you had to just leave the focus group and our marriage is in turmoil right now,” she says. And you had to just get up and excuse yourself to go deal with your patients. Which makes me No. 2.” Gregory explains that he’s fought to get where he is today but admits that the friendship is loss in the marriage. While crying, Quad jumps in and says she doesn’t want him for his money, she only wants him to love her. Gregory says he tries to show her love but she blocks him — he struggles to understand his wife’s position but hugs her anyway. Facing the hard truths leaves them both wrestling to move forward. 

Tune in next week when Eugene informs Toya that they can’t afford two houses and may need to move back to their smaller house — the house that Toya hates!


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