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#SisterWives Christine Brown Tortures Mykelti By Singing At Her Wedding! (Video)

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Christine Brown is trying her best to get on board with daughter Mykelti Brown marrying Tony Padron.

On Sunday’s all-new episode of Sister Wives, Christine reveals that despite having a horrid singing voice, she plans to sing at her daughter’s upcoming wedding. She’s doing so in an effort to show her support of the young couple.

“The biggest motivation for me to sing for Mykelti for her wedding is because when she first told me that she wanted to marry Tony and that she wanted to talk to Dad, for the first several months, it wasn’t a very exciting time for us,” Christine admits. “I was really not in favor of it at first. I thought that they needed to know each other more, [and] I didn’t know them together as a couple. I didn’t react like she hoped.”

Christine admits that she wasn’t on board with the wedding at first because the family did not know Tony well.

“It’s my job to protect her. I didn’t know Tony very well, I didn’t see the two of them together as a couple and I wasn’t going to put my stamp of approval on something I didn’t approve of,” she explains. “So I am singing for her wedding just to show her, you know what, I do support the two of you and I love the two of you together and you’re perfect together.”

Nevertheless, Christine has chosen a song that holds sentimental value to the family — “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” — is a song that Mykelti’s  great-grandfather would sing to romantically pursue her great-grandmother.

“This is a big deal and it’s way out of my comfort zone,” she admits. “I don’t have this amazing voice that I’m just going to pop out and sing with. I have a nice voice … I need all the help I can get.”

Is this support or another way for Christine to stick it to her daughter for marrying a loser Tony? Get your earplugs ready and you be the judge!

Watch Christine exercise her vocal chops above and tune into Sister Wives on TLC Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. 


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