#RHOC Gretchen Rossi Scores $523K Judgment After 8 Year-Old Defamation Suit!

Posted on Jan 12 2018 - 10:15am by Staff Writer

Gretchen Rossi won a defamation case that started eight years ago.

In 2010, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star sued Jay Photoglou over c​laims that she​ cheat​ed​ ​with him ​on her ​former ​fiance​, Jeff BeitzelGretchen ​accused Photoglou​ of ​making threat​s, st​ealing​ personal property and post​ing​ nude photos of her online.

The jury awarded the 39 year-old $523,250 in ​damages, reports The Blast​, despite ​Photoglou​’s​ ​attempt to ​thwart the judgement by filing bankruptcy in 2012.

Since then, the two have been fighting over the judgement in bankruptcy court. Gretchen argued that the judgement should not be vacated because Photoglou got himself into bankruptcy because of “willful and malicious injury” he caused to another person.

The judge agreed with Gretchen, and Photoglou was ordered to pay the judgement.

“Gretchen is glad this case with Jay Photoglou is behind her,” Rossi’s representative told Page Six. “She is thankful the courts recognized the type of individual he is and provided justice. Even Photoglou’s attempt at filing [for] bankruptcy to avoid paying the $523,000 judgment Rossi has against him didn’t work.”

The statement continued, “The BK Courts have ruled in Rossi’s favor on all counts which included stalking and threats. She can now begin collecting on Photoglou whose debt to Rossi with interest is now above $800,000.”

When Gretchen first joined The Real Housewives of Orange County​ in 2008​ — she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel, a man 24 years her senior​,​ who was suffering from leukemia.

One of the more tragic moments in the history of ​the Bravo reality series ​was when Beitzel passed away after losing his fight with cancer ​on September 13, 2008. ​So naturally, Photoglou​’s damaging cheating accusations deeply affected Gretchen and she sought redemption.

Gretchen appeared on RHOC in seasons four through eight, ending her run in 2013. Her current boyfriend, Slade Smiley, proposed to her at the end of her run on the series and they are still together.


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  • GirlPlz


  • mystroxx

    Yes I believe so . Now she should go after Tamrat too. she spread it like she witnessed it to be fact .

  • mystroxx

    She should sue her if Joanna can Brandi

  • mystroxx

    Good for her !

  • christy flanders

    So glad for you. My sister married a man with 2 children & had a son of her own that she had full custody of. After they married his ex took him back to court & was awarded a much larger sum in CS. My sister was an RN & made much more than her police officer husband. She was furious & I didn’t blame her. She had a son of her own to support. Certainly didn’t make sense or seem fair to me. That was probably 25 years ago so maybe things have changed since then. I hope so!

    • just me…❄⛄

      WOW…that is all kinda wrong.

      • christy flanders

        Thank you! Our whole family thought it was the worst injustice we’d ever seen. My sister’s son was extremely intelligent & attending a prestigious university that was extremely expensive & she was paying for all of it herself. Paying the new child support amount put a strain on her budget. We didn’t think it was fair for her to have to support his children also. She lived in Indiana though & the laws may be different or the judge was just an idiot!

  • Wicked Cupcake

    Good! I always liked Gretchen and thought what Trash Can did to her was awful. Too bad Gretchen can’t go after her. Instead of douchey Meaghan, I wish they would bring Gretchen back. I do question her over Slade though, but they’re still together, so I guess something is working in that relationship.

  • Honeya Fox

    After all these years of the pain he caused that seems hardly any money at all..

  • bluebell

    Good for her; glad she won her case. If Bravo is thinking of bringing her back, that would make sense as to why Tamrat suddenly decided to make nice with Vicki! I hope they bring back Gretchen & Lizzie.

  • sadie87

    yep same guy

  • Nancysue

    It’s kind of like Brandi Glandville in reverse. I’m not sure if the amount Brandi has to pay or paid. Seems like these cases never get paid.

  • mkhiggins

    Who cares? Honestly…