‘Slimy Nasty Person’ — NeNe Leakes Drags Kim Zolciak & Exposes Porsha Williams!

Posted on Jan 11 2018 - 11:34am by Avigail

The prodigal “Housewife” NeNe Leakes feels disrespected and is putting her foot down!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is laying down the law — proclaiming herself, “queen” of the show.

“They’re always feeling NeNe want to be the queen of the show, want to be…” She tells “Extra’s” AJ Calloway, “I consider that a joke. I am!”

The show’s tenth season has been NeNe versus Porsha Williams — their ongoing feud has included some nasty blowout fights. But NeNe admitted,

“I’m really surprised Porsha and I are even having a beef on the show this season. I think she created it, she created some sh*t.”

NeNe, 50, and her off-again friendship with Kim Zolciak-Biermann imploded recently after Kim’s daughter Brielle, accused the queen of having cockroaches in her new home.

As reported, the 20-year-old involved herself in a nasty feud between her mother and NeNe. Brielle posted a video from inside of NeNe’s new home with critters crawling around her bathroom, and referred to the bugs as cockroaches. NeNe responded by calling Brielle and her mother “racist trash.” 

When asked about her arch nemesis — NeNe wouldn’t acknowledge Kim’s name, responding “Who?!” She continued.

“Now that right there… true tea, this is no shade to nobody, I will not have anything to do with Kim. I have nothing I ever need to say to Kim. I am not harboring any bad feelings, I am just — know this person and I will never be anything. I never want to say anything to her. I think if you cut her open, worms and slimy nastiness will come out of her. I think she is a slimy, nasty person for real.”

After taking a season and a half off, NeNe returned to reclaim her throne for season 10, but will this be her last season?

“Look, I am in it to win it… I feel like I’ve learned so much about working with these girls… I don’t think a whole lot can affect me, so bring it on, girls.”

Watch NeNe’s full interview below.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights on Bravo, at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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  • italiano bambino

    The “queen” of ZERO storyline next!

  • as seen on TV

    “not a whole lot can affect me”??? heifer PLUH-EEESE. she has the thinnest skin of any housewife I can think of. she’s THE worst. why she mad at kim anyway? nene is the one being evil. at last count, she’s made unwarranted, hurtful, nasty schoolyard remarks about Cynthia’s daughter, Sheree’s son, and Kim’s daughter. who the hell does this beast think she is?

    • chacha1

      Kim and her nasty botoxed fat daughter Brielle are the mean girls, they lie and they make fun of people and I am sure they planted those cockroaches in NeNe’s bathroom… Chef Tracey probably picked them out of one of Kim’s wigs and put them in a bottle

      • as seen on TV

        Yeah that sure sounds reasonable…

  • we”r”family

    So, Nene she has brought this show back from the dead. OMG! How comical.
    Now, I disagree if you cut him open you’ll just find tons of plastic to include her heart.

  • JustSayin

    If she’s the queen and she’s such a badass, why is she scared to own up to wanting Porsha fired? O.o

  • SpiceGirl

    smh…the things folks do for a few coins and lime light

  • LoveBambi

    I caught Kim being really nasty to a fan yesterday on her IG. It was totally uncalled for. I’ll have to agree with nene on that one about Kim.

    The person along with other commentators state that the emoji used shows up different on iPhone and Android. Some started to attack this poor girl after Kim made a comment. Then, others questioned why Kim had to be so nasty

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/11cb2c686b6804df5860be9dacba66fd48418016567ec8e8da4cdd1b9152c709.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b59289ac8d13f310eec92bfbc79451019b54798274366ba66cae33343e090283.jpg

    • chacha1

      Wigs is a mean nasty HO who lies and bragged about screwing a married man for money

      • LoveBambi

        Kim think by getting married it erased her hoe past

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Yes Ms Leakes. You are the queen. Queen of mugshots. Queen of slaughtering the English language. Queen of the screw faces. Queen of bag wigs. All hail the Queen.????

    • Ronnie

      Lol. Agreed.

      • BetteDavisEyez1

        Hey there, Ronnie!! How have you been? I hope all is well.

        • Ronnie

          Thanks Bette girl. I have been having a really bad fibro flare up over the last 2 days but thankfully, I am able to go back to work today. How have you been?

          • BetteDavisEyez1

            Oh, Sweets!! Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well.
            I hope the worst is behind you & glad to have you back.
            So far so good. Thanks for asking. We finally got a break in the freezing temps but we are expecting another bout of bad whether over the weekend. Ugh!!

          • Ronnie

            Thanks. Feeling much better. Gosh, hope you get a break from the bad weather soon.

  • LoveBambi

    I never take Nene serious. She has had comebacks that i don’t even think she believes at times. She cracks me up especially when she called Marlo “glasses” and told Cynthia her and her wig calm down ????

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Nene used to be funny. I don’t know what happened. Now she is just angry all the time.
    She just sucks the air out of any room she walks into. When she was on WWHL with Tyra Banks, you could tell Nene did not like being seated next to a supermodel. She could hardly look in Tyra’s direction.

  • Ronnie

    Nene, get over your big dumb hateful bullying uninteresting self. Where is Carlos King and Claudia Jordon when you need them?

  • RonnieIsBack

    Oh Moose…I agree with her about Wig….and Horsha is a close second as to a slimy broad who will do anything…including now flirting with Fugly Rickey Smiley…

    But we all know LeNethia Leakes had to swallow ALOT of crow when she didn’t make it in Hollywood and come crawlin back…like Methenny….so she is sucking up and getting along with Kenya and Marlo for that check. #GurlBye

    • Shelly Jones

      Is this the Ronnie that used to recap RHOA? Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

  • theStevieJBus

    As I recall NeNe was seen shouting keep my name out of your MFing mouth (regarding Porsha) at one of her “comedy” shows, then went on to say Porsha should be fired on WWHL so Moose is lying as usual. She says Porsha needs a story but real talk if she didn’t have this beef with Porsha what would she have going on?

    • italiano bambino

      Nene storyline is …… * crickets *

  • italiano bambino

    at least she’s not claiming been “Rich Beatch”

  • sunkissed748

    Haha. Worms & things inside her silicone encased body/shell.

  • Gingertee

    When all the other checks stop coming in, Nene is back to turning tricks for RHOATL to keep her lights on

  • Shelly Jones

    Poorsha lost me at Underground Railroad. She never has anything going on, she never owns any of her sh!t. I was a NeNe fan from day one, until she got too big for her britches and started talking down to everyone. Especially that season Kenya threw that shady fundraiser for her and she acted a plum fool. That’s when she fell out with Peter. She jumped in his face while he was talking to Cynthia and when he barked back at her she called him a bitch for getting in womens business. Lol. Fun times. NeNe is insufferable and Kim is an old school whore that made a hell of a come up.

    • equinox2009

      Thank you,from day one you have reminded us who NeNe is. Bravo, Shelley😉

  • GirlPlz

    Is this made for TV or is NeNe weird?
    You and Kim go back and forth – it is not normal
    Nobody pays attention to Porsha –

  • SassyMcAsspants

    Lmao! Nene called her the Oogie Boogie Man. “My buuugggssss!

  • boredatwork

    The only person Moose keeps exposing is herself. As a cockroach.

  • chacha1

    I despise that horse faced pig in the wig Kim and her mini me skank Brielle and I will bet the house that Brielle brought those cockroaches into NeNe’s bathroom to photograph, that is how Kim, Goober and Brielle roll, they are mean and vindictive …. Cockroaches probably were nesting in one of their nasty wigs

    • EyesWideOpen

      Don’t like either of them, but this inane spittal is abnormal, scary like hate. It is self destructive when we take these characters so seriously.

  • wiseone

    Does she not realize she is nobody’s queen? She knows dam well she is angry at Porsha about what was said about her on Dish Nation and as far as Porsha not being a good friend neither is she. When her and Cynthia had a falling out she used Porsha and Phaedra as substitute friends and she tried to get Cynthia fired. She is talking out of both ends and the sad part is she really thinks she is a queen – NOT!