#RHONJ RECAP: Tensions Explode At Margaret’s Birthday Party When Siggy Drops A Truth Bomb!

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The Season 8 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off with a few last episode grunts — because Margaret is trying to ram her size 16 hips into an innocent size 8 dress. She’s getting fitted with a knock off looking gown for her 50th birthday party in a store named, “Versailles” but this copycat is far from couture. Danielle shows up and immediately stirs it up, bringing up Siggy’s refusal to meet Marge Sr. at the Gorga restaurant opening. The trio launches into gossip about Siggy, their favorite topic of conversation. Marge thinks that Siggy’s behavior was “bizarre,” Marge Sr. labels her “rude,” and Danielle questions her sanity. Danielle stuck a gun in the mouth of a man SHE kidnapped and pistol whipped, yet she’s questioning someone else’s sanity? Marge hopes that Siggy doesn’t disrupt her party, but promises to kick her out, if her dress cooperates. 

We next join Siggy and her son, Josh, who are shopping for his upcoming senior prom. Siggy reflects on her boy’s fleeting childhood years, and wants to spend every moment with him until he leaves for college. Josh reveals that he’s decided to attend Penn State and Siggy is overjoyed — because she can visit every weekend. The school is only 3.5 hours away and she doesn’t have to get on a plane to see her baby. Josh understands, but pumps the brakes on any unannounced pop-ins. 

Over at Teresa’s house — it’s her birthday — and Melissa and Joey have organized a little surprise birthday party with the kiddos. Teresa enters the room, and is totally surprised— and so happy. All of the kids read heartfelt mommy love letters, and their words are sweet. Teresa feels badly for her daughters, because they’ve had a tough year — with both parents serving time in prison. She spills to Melissa and Joe that she hasn’t seen her jailed hubby in 7 months, because she’s been busy grieving her deceased mother. Teresa plans to visit him next weekend, and two of the girls will come along. Teresa declares this year the best birthday ever, then corrects herself, because she remembers her beloved mother is gone. Never mind her husband.    

We catch up with Dolores and Frank, who are spending some quality time with their son, Frankie, before he heads off to college in a few weeks. He’s decided on Sacred Heart University in New Jersey. The family goes bowling and Frankie wants to know if his dad will continue living with his mom when he leaves for school. Frank says he’s in the best place right now — and Dolores agrees. Frank comments that a husband and wife belong in the same home and that he’s staying put. He’s happy and Dolores is happy. Would these two kids just get back together already?!

Meanwhile, over at Margaret’s construction-zone home, she’s dying to see her designer’s renderings of her future ballroom. The drawings reflect a knock-off playboy mansion and Margaret couldn’t be happier. 

The next day, Teresa and her daughters set out on the the drive to visit Joe in prison. Teresa reflects on the time spent away from her mother, while she was up the river. Teresa comments that when Joe comes home, things will be different. I wonder how the meeting with that divorce attorney plays into the new Giudice normal? Cameras are not allowed inside the prison, so we join Teresa and crew after the visit. She comments that it was an emotional experience seeing her jailed hubby, after ignoring him for so long.  

Later in the week, Joey and Melissa are in NYC and on the hunt for Margaret’s birthday gift. Joey mentions that Teresa had recently visited Joe in prison, and wonders if he gave his sister the apology she so desperately desires. Joey believes that if Joe didn’t apologize for sending his sis to the big house, Teresa will walk away from the marriage. Teresa joins them at the store, and Joey immediately dives into the Giudice prison chronicles. Teresa recounts her visit — she was nervous and emotional when she saw Joe, but communicated her need for answers about his criminal deeds. Joe reminded his co-conspirator Teresa that he had apologized numerous times in letters and emails — but since she finally showed up, he was happy to apologize again. Joe even shed a few tears, and Joey is shocked to hear that tough guy Giudice actually came through, and expressed emotional regret. 

We jump over to Siggy’s, where Siggy and her mom Rachel, are beaming with pride over Joshua’s big prom night. Siggy is elated when she sees her son dressed to the nines in his black tux — and they all take a moment to reflect on how time flies. 

He looks dapper for the big event, and his girlfriend is equally stunning. Siggy is beyond excited as she snaps pics of the happy couple before they’re off to the prom. The moment is sweet and touching.

Margaret’s big day has arrived and her ballroom has been transformed — the holes in the wall have been patched, curtains are hiding stains, and a portable dance floor covers the weathered hardwood. The “fake it…til you make it” queen is ecstatic, and wishes she could leave the room like that — at least until she can snag a contractor who really puts out. The guests pile in and gaze in amazement at the disco balls and tombstones that decorate the garden. Everyone is there with the exception of SiggyMarge inquires about Siggy’s attendance and Dolores assures her that she’ll be there. 

Marge gets the Studio 54 shenanigans kicked off with a grand entrance on a big plastic horse carried by men. Marge takes the stage and thanks everyone for playing a part in her happiness. As she greets her guests, she hears a rumor that Siggy might be a no-show because she’s been taken to the hospital. Marge tells Danielle, and they run to Dolores to get the juicy deets. 

Siggy sends Dolores and Teresa an update,  revealing that she took a tumble down a flight of stairs. She describes her injuries via text, and Marge feels left out, because she didn’t get a text message to diss. Marge left Siggy out of the memorial for Teresa’s mother in Boca, so excluding people should feel natural to her. While Danielle and Marge doubt Siggy’s story, Teresa actually defends Siggy — and declares that Siggy would never fake a health trauma. 

Surprise surprise….Siggy shows up to the party wearing a brace, after falling and spraining her ankle and hurting her shoulder. Marge is in shock — her face says it all! She clearly really believed that Siggy wouldn’t show. Melissa has the audacity to tell Siggy that she thought she threw herself down the stairs so she could avoid attending the party. Siggy is disappointed that Melissa is being dragged to the faux side. 

Siggy, comes clean, admitting that she really didn’t want to come to the tacky bash. Marge chimes in, clarifying that they can be cordial, but is still  annoyed by Siggy dodging the meeting with Marge Sr. Siggy is in a lot of pain (from her injuries) and is over the phony BS, so she informs Marge that she just isn’t into the fakery. “I never called you and said we wanted to be friends. I don’t want to be friends…I came here to be with Teresa and Melissa!” she says. 

Siggy’s bold truth offends Marge, who reiterates that she’s exhausted from  constantly extending the olive branch, only to be snubbed for Teresa and MelissaMarge then kicks Siggy out of her party — much to Siggy’s delight. She quickly exits the scene with her BFF Dolores, and surprisingly, Teresa follows Siggy out the door,  reassuring her old pal that her loyalty lies with her. Back inside, Marge, Danielle and Melissa are drop-jawed after Teresa’s telling decision. 

That’s a wrap for Season 8! 

Below are parting words from each Housewife:

  • Teresa: Teresa’s loving Joe’s new hot bod. He’s been transferred to a new prison and she can’t wait to see him…once she’s approved for visitation.
  • Dolores: Dolores is enjoying visiting Frankie at Sacred Heart and hanging with his new girlfriend. She hopes they can double date with her David…if David is ever available.
  • Siggy: Siggy has cut back on work to spend more time with Michael. Now she also has more time to visit Joshua at college. And the freedom to do his laundry every time she stops by.
  • Melissa: Melissa’s sales have skyrocketed since her trip to Milan. Envy is keeping her busier than ever. She’s thankful that Gorga’s Restaurant delivers.
  • Margaret: Margaret’s home renovation is stalled…Joe and Marge Sr. want to keep the party decorations up forever. Margaret is finally considering calling in an outside contractor. 

Tune in next week for part one of the reunion. 


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