#RHONJ Medical Records Reveal Siggy Flicker’s Scary Staircase Fall Was No Joking Matter! (Exclusive)

Posted on Jan 10 2018 - 9:31pm by BeachSpin

The wrapped it’s regular season on Wednesday night — with Bravo airing a cast round-up at a disco birthday party in honor and at the home of cast rookie, .

punctuated a tough sophomore season with an even rougher finish — taking a tumble down a flight of stairs while prepping to leave for Margaret’s finale party.

Siggy later communicated news of the accident from the E.R. — but not surprisingly, , Margaret, and even threw shade at her injury report. Danielle likened the story to a cry for attention, and the others jabbed at Siggy’s claim, after she explained that she had been carted to the hospital with a sprained ankle, banged up shoulder, and head injury.

AllAboutTheTea.com have exclusively obtained the emergency room report that details Siggy’s injuries — slamming shut any window of doubt about the scary  incident.

Interestingly, cast leader, , chose to leave with Siggy and Dolores, after Margaret pushed Siggy to make her exit.  

Text messages between Siggy and Dolores that evening reveal that Siggy was determined to meet her contractual obligation, despite her serious injuries.


Siggy has divided an outspoken fanbase — so the reunion series should be an interesting one. The two-parter takes off next Wednesday, on Bravo.


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