#RHOBH RECAP: Dorit Kemsley RIPS Camille Grammer In Drunken Tirade At Kyle’s Dinner!

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We join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mid-flight, halfway to Tokyo. Rinna is headed to Asia to chaperone her red-hot model daughters, and Erika is preparing to join her — glam squad and all. The girls will host events and smile pretty for cameras, and it promises to be a hectic few days. Back in Beverly Hills, Lisa is hosting a lunch for the other ladies, at Villa Rosa. Rinna lands in Tokyo, and gasps in delight at a suspiciously clustered group of airport fans grabbing at her daughters. Rinna smiles proudly and wonders how Kris Jenner handles such mob adoration — revealing a rather frightening pipe dream.

Back in the 90210, Teddi arrives for lunch at Lisa’s, and meets Hanky and Panky. Teddi is thrilled to get the menagerie tour, which ends in Lisa’s closet. Teddi is more impressed with the animals, but is delighted by the eccentric home. Kyle and Dorit arrive, and Kyle updates viewers about her recent bask in overseas luxury.

Kyle returned to renovation hell, and decided to host a couples dinner to celebrate her unfinished floors. Kyle and Lisa swap good-natured barbs, perhaps floating a bit of dishy foreshadowing. The ladies inform Teddi that Rinna is the worst and everyone knows it. Teddi labels Dorit a part-time trash-talker, but Dorit would rather call herself a concerned reality educator.

We next get a snippet of Teddi taking care of her kiddos, prepping for a family hike. The clan packs up and heads up a canyon trial, the couple competing along the way. Teddi shares some mommy philosophies before we jump back to Lisa’s house, where the queen is greeting some reps from Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine. Lisa is editor in chief, and is hosting a meeting in her home. Lisa is promoting a new jewelry line, so the group banters about how to feature the glitz in the magazine.

Lisa volunteers Dorit as a model, because she’s pretty, available, and has a good neck. Meanwhile, Erika’s glam squad is hard at work in Tokyo, making over their client in faux Asian. They actually restrain themselves this time, and Erika looks surprisingly cute. Erika catches up with Rinna and the girls at a slated store event, and the group squeals their hellos. The girls have a Vogue Taiwan shoot the next day, and Rinna takes a few moments to gush over their skyrocketing careers. Rinna compares their rising stars to the heights of Gigi and Bella, and just hopes that she’ll be able to fill Yo’s white jeans one day. Rinna is over the moon, crossing her fingers that her daughters come through, and make her fame-whoring momager dream come true. 

The jewelry photoshoot prep is underway, and Dorit is getting pretty at Lisa’s house. Dorit doesn’t appreciate the short notice, and rudely hopes that the summoned hair/makeup flunkies won’t mess it up. Pandora is on hand to help with styling, and Dorit looks hot. Dorit strangely hates the photos, and declares herself unacceptably shiny. While Dorit behaves like a negative diva, the Rinna girls are “killing it” in Tokyo, by wisely ignoring their mother. Erika and Rinna stroll through an electric green park, admiring the scenery and chatting about last season’s drama for the Bravo cameras. Rinna is ready to move along from the Dorit brouhaha, despite Dorit’s stubborn refusal to own it. As a side note, Erika’s sporty ensemble matches the teen beat theme perfectly.

Over at Kyle’s, the party planning is in full swing, and the hostess’ predictable pre-event jitters kick in. Erika and Rinna hit up an authentic geisha house/restaurant and Erika wears a Samantha Jones costume for the cultural field trip. The food scares the ladies — even more than Erika scares the demure hostesses. The pair discusses parenthood, and Erika continues to shoot vaguely misleading references to her own shadowy mommy years. Back in the 90210, Kyle continues her mad event prep, and party pro, Glen, is challenged by a power glitch. The guests arrive to the hot, dark house, and Camille takes a moment to remember the good ol’ days — back when she actually possessed a personality. Dorit keeps whining about the power outage, but Lisa comes through with a perfectly timed candle. We learn that Camille’s new beau is on the way, as Mauricio joins the group.

Back in Tokyo, the foursome meets up for dinner, to discuss millennial success and Japanese culture. The teens reveal a disturbing preoccupation with pig-out YouTube videos, but Rinna assures us that she has dedicated her whole bony life to teaching her children that food isn’t weird. Rinna admits that she’s been unfairly labeled a food-phobe — while cringing through a bite. Delilah exposes her mother for being a published blow-job queen, and Rinna nervously laughs off the cringeworthy flashback like a porny pro.

Back at Kyle’s, the group’s pupils adjust to the blacked out bash, while Dorit shoots back the booze. Camille’s man arrives, and he’s tall and handsome. They discuss middle-aged baby making, and Dorit gets mouthy, shooting tongue-in-cheek snark around the table. Lisa is dubbed worse than Kyle, but Dorit’s drunk yapper interrupts the juicy banter. She bellows out a nasty joke at Camille, and it drops like a tanked balloon.

Teddi is mortified, and Camille is peeved that her boyfriend was exposed to Dorit’s messy motormouth. Is Camille’s personality coming out to play? Stay tuned!

Next week, the cast chemistry heats up — don’t miss it!


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