#RHOC Kelly Dodd’s Estranged Husband ‘Lawyers Up’ and Going After Full Custody of Their Daughter!

Posted on Jan 10 2018 - 1:57pm by Staff Writer

This has been a tough year for both Kelly Dodd and her estranged husband, Michael

The former couple announced their split in September and their divorce battle is growing more contentious by the day. The Real Housewives of Orange County star’s soon-to-be ex has lawyered up and “wants full-custody” of their 11-year-old daughter, Jolie.

“Michael has lawyered up because he wants full custody of their daughter,” reports Life & Style magazine. 

Apparently, he feels Kelly’s an unfit mother, who’s pre-occupied filming RHOC and busy traveling.

“Michael feels Kelly’s often traveling and busy filming,” the source says. “He is furious.”

Enjoying our time in Santa Monica..

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and Michael gave their marriage a second shot in 2012 — rebounding after Kelly’s initial decision to file for divorce. In a bifurcated divorce the couple’s marital status is terminated prior to official finalization of settlement issues. 

After finally calling it quits in September, they have both moved on — dating other people. However, the source claims that their 11-year-old daughter, Jolie, is Michael’s main focus.

“He wants to make sure, that she gets all the attention she needs.”

Kelly was very open about her marital discontent on the Bravo reality series, but has always maintained that her daughter is top priority. 


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  • we”r”family

    Another child in the middle. Reality personality needs her space, his money, and full custody, her nights out drinking. He wants to make the child the main focus. They’ve both been dating other people. Lets hope for the child’s sake they put their wants aside, and do what is best for her.

  • Jennymckitty

    There is little doubt in my mind that this is why Kelly went back to him the first time. I also have a feeling that Michael fights dirty. Kelly is no Saint but I think that she loves her daughter very much and people say that she is a good mother. I think there are going to be a lot of negative stories about her in the tabloids and this is going to be ugly. The sad thing is, her daughter is going to be the biggest loser.

    • Champagne Hangover

      Look, I’m the first to admit Kelly is a VERY entertaining train wreck to watch and a good villainess addition to the show, but this isn’t about her popularity/ likability on the show. She may be (deservedly so) a fan favorite and/or ratings gold, BUT:
      Kelly’s top priority seems to be Kelly not Jolie. Kelly is a drunkard and substance abuser in addition to other nasty/ criminal behavior. Michael might have to fight a little dirty due to the courts biased toward the mother getting custody, but Kelly has given him plenty of ammunition to use against her. Plenty, and that’s entirely on her. And, while we’re getting real, C’mon…Kelly may present well ((or well enough) in front of her friends, but substance abuse, partying and famewhoring do not a good parent make. Michael may be a toad, but Kelly is not going to provide a stable home for that child. No way. Team Michael.

      • Jennymckitty

        Kelly certainly isn’t my favorite. I liked her a bit more this season than last. She wasn’t acting like a rage induced loon. Whether that was her exercising control or secure in the knowledge that she had secured a spot, I don’t know. I admit that Kelly comes off as a drunk with anger issues on the show. But HW’s show a lot of women drinking a lot. I have no idea what she does when the cameras aren’t rolling. I just don’t like to see kids put in a Bethenney-Jason, no holds barred, all or nothing custody war. I also don’t think Michael likes to lose.

        • the underground train

          I see both your points but champagne makes a valid point because I think I read here on this site that the police were called multiple times to their residence because of Kelly’s disturbing behavior.

        • Champagne Hangover

          Who likes to lose? Kelly is a mess! She’s in no condition to care for a child properly. You don’t have to be parent of the year to come to that conclusion just watching the show. Imagine the shit you don’t see with her.

      • pixntrix

        Absolutely correct!!! Kelly is a big hot mess and I don’t think we’ve ever seen Michael in a bad light. According to Kelly he is controlling but a controlling husband wouldn’t allow her to act and behave the way she does. He’s old and no fun…well honey he was the same age difference when you met him as he is now. Kelly needs to grow up and realize she’s a mom first and foremost. Its not about her and her needs anymore. I think Kelly is reliving her 20’s and needs to grow up.

        • Champagne Hangover

          Exactly! If you want to be a 40 something year old party girl? Have at it, just don’t have kids or even get married cuz neither are compatible with a party lifestyle. Michael is just a mature and responsible adult. That’s boring to a party girl. ????
          I’m sure she loves her daughter but the question is who is going to provide a more stable home for that child? A middle aged party girl ain’t the answer. Simple as that.

  • Bryan



    hi ???

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Well if this doesn’t calm Kelly down, nothing will. She doesn’t want her antics used against her.

  • GirlPlz

    He’s allowed to lawyer up. He’s doing the smart thing

  • Wicked Cupcake

    Kelly enjoys partying too much to be a good parent. Reality television is also another priority she has over her kid.

    • ScrappieONE

      Thank you… She treated Michael like crap. I’m sorry but if anyone should have custody it should be him. Remember the video of drunk Kelly at some restaurant or club trying to get into David Foster’s car. It’s pretty clear she’s more interested in partying then parenting..

      • Wicked Cupcake

        Exactly. She is a shitty human being and a mom when it suits her mommy narrative.

  • TartLemon

    Both parties can and should lawyer up. The courts will assign one for the daughter, too, while they investigate. It’s out of the hands of Kelly and her Hubby now.

  • the underground train

    Why not joint custody? Even if Kelly films and travels a lot, shared/joint custody should still work.

    • Jennymckitty

      I agree. When I see “full custody “, it makes me think “control” and “punish”.

      • Btheladyinred

        Full legal custody doesn’t mean the other parent doesn’t see the child. But if they are both fighting for that it’s most likely about them and not the child. So yeah control and punishment.

    • MsM

      It’s all about who’s in control with those two. Kelly may have blasted Michael as a psychopath but, ironically, that’s psychopathic behavior in and of itself – projecting one’s issues onto another in order to validate their identity and make themselves look better than they actually are. In Kelly’s case, though, her drinking railroads her every time so she can’t be as successful at controlling the situation as Micheal is because he doesn’t seem to drink – which if it IS true that he WAS diagnosed as a psychopath is even more psychopathic behavior. True psychopaths don’t want their focus tampered with and alcohol and/or drugs tend to inhibit their ability to manipulate others.

      • the underground train

        And I think he has more money from running Leap Frog than her which gives him more control. Hence why Kelly didn’t go through with the divorce in the first place. I think she now figures she enough money on her own.

    • Btheladyinred

      It’s all just semantics really. I had physical custody but my ex and I’s daughter spent a day more with me than her Dad but she had both of us regularly in her life. What you call it is just them fighting over control and the child is the one who pays that price. It’s so not necessary if you love your child and put her first.

      • bluebell

        I agree 100%!

    • Minx

      Hello, Underground ????!
      Exactly! Why does it have to be all or Nothing?
      I wish Divorcing Parent’s would push their ego’s aside and put their Children’s best interests first..

    • bluebell

      I agree. Joint custody.

  • Trippinhhard

    Her daughter don’t look so happy on that picture.. I hope they both step back and do what’s right for Jolie, she’s the minor in their power struggle..

  • MsM

    Neither kKelly or Michael are fit to parent their daughter. The child would be better off living with her grandmother – who seems fairly well grounded – as opposed to a sociopath and a drunk histrionic.

  • boredatwork

    I still don’t understand what went wrong between these 2.
    Had it all to do with him getting older and wanting to a quieter life, and her still wanting to party? I mean, are these really reasons to divorce? She could go out with girlfriends.

    I don’t get it. Neither seemed particularly monstrous, they should find an amicable agreement to co parent.

    • Authentic

      They both showed they’re alcoholics on the show. That never works. I believe Michael is the more stable between the two and willing to do whatever needed to raise a normal child.
      I hope courts award him Jolie. Kelly, not so much because her mother appears to be an alcoholic babysitter.
      Jolie may not agree but she may be better off in an East coast boarding school, somewhere where Jolie discovers Jolie AWAY FROM HER PARENTS. Michael wants the best for Jolie, Kelly would be too drunk to know where east coast is.