RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Heavenly Attacks Mariah Over Her Mother’s Day Speech!

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Friday night’s episode of Married to Medicine kicks off with Dr. Simone seeing a patient. She’s a “little person” and has never had a gynecological exam, so she has a lot of questions. Now this is the part of reality television that I like — when viewers can actually learn something beneficial to their brain cells — you know like TLC use to be. Dr. Simone educates the young lady about the importance of getting a pap smear, sex education and pregnancy risks, as it relates to her little stature. 

Across town at Mariah’s house, she’s catching up with her mom, Mama Lucy, about her Mother’s Day brunch. They both agree that the event was a hit but Contessa’s nanny was a hot ghetto mess. Mama Lucy is not sure what to think about Heavenly’s apology and she’s not sure if it was “heaven or hell,” apologizing. 

Meanwhile, Heavenly and Quad are having lunch with a side of shade. Heavenly’s still butt-hurt over the shade Mariah blew her way during her Mother’s Day speech. Quad is gleefully entertaining Heavenly’s insults about her arch nemesis and adding in her two-cents to fan the flames. 

Over at Contessa’s, she’s also recapping Mariah’s Mother’s Day brunch with her nanny — Ms. Renee. Contessa clearly was not impressed with Renee’s ratchet antics and politely schools her nanny on the importance of first impressions. Renee admits that she was uncomfortable at the event but Contessa feels Ms. Renee’s ratchet meter was turned all the way up because she was drunk and jealous. Contessa is planning a 90’s themed party for the ladies to make up for her nanny’s hood-rat behavior.

Curtis’ day of reckoning has arrived, as Jackie is finally ready to hear him out after his infidelity. The two sit down and Curtis looks like a remorseful wounded puppy. He’s been sending his wife expensive gifts to make up for his betrayal. But Jackie let’s him know that “things don’t fix the problem.” Curtis acknowledges the gifts can’t fix their issues but he misses her and thinks of her constantly. “I want my family…I want you! I know that’s asking a lot right now under the circumstances, but I want to figure out a way to fix it.” Curtis tells JackieJackie is not swayed and holds his feet to the fire. “How do you fix humiliation,” she responds while holding back tears. Jackie makes it very clear that after battling breast cancer and caring for her ailing dad, his affair has been her greatest battle by far. They end their meeting with a promise to keep their communication ongoing. 

Over at Simone’s North house, Cecil has gathered a few fellas for drinks in the Boom Boom Room — his man cave. The men chop it up over their careers. Cecil is launching a new handyman app and he’s moved a large sum of money out of the account without telling Simone. Say what now? No wonder he has problems in his marriage. Dr. G chimes in that Cecil’s app might be the antidote his marriage needs, because he could hire someone take out the garbage. Dr. G shares that Quad feels he’s not emotionally supportive but she’s not communicating her specific needs. Cecil shares his marriage woes and tells the men that marriage is no easy road.

At the same time, Quad is visiting her friend, Emily, for cocktails. Her rocky marriage is the main topic — as Quad pours her heart out — explaining that she’s disconnected and feels extremely neglected in her relationship. She describes all her struggles with Dr. G’s lack of connection to her heart. Quad says she doesn’t want to call it quits but if things don’t change, she won’t keep sacrificing who she is. 

Simone drops by Jackie’s house for a quick visit. Simone has a patient in labor, so Jackie hurriedly fills her in on her convo with Curtis. The part of the meeting that stood out as odd to Jackie was Curtis saying, “we’re both living this pain.” Simone explains how Cecil’s pain is different because no one is viewing him as a victim — and the humiliation and guilt must be hard on him also. 

Back at Contessa’s house, she’s prepping for her party and gets into a nasty fight with Ms. Renee, after she asks her to feed her kids. Ms. Renee explodes, throws something at Contessa then storms off while screaming obscenities, “Fire me now because, I don’t give a f*ck!”

Despite the nanny ruckus, Contessa’s party is underway — and the decorations are on point with Alize liquor, red solo cups, lowriders fitted with hydraulics, and dayton rims to match. The guests are strolling in and Heavenly pulls up first. She commences to shake her flabby rump shaker with the girls meant for entertainment. Lawd, I really wish she didn’t do that. All the other ladies arrive and they make friendly small talk. Simone sprays Heavenly with a water gun and that stirs up unsettled resentment over Simone taking Heavenly to a voodoo shop in New Orleans. After several tequila shots, Simone approaches Heavenly about the voodoo issue. Through tears, Heavenly explains that Simone implied that she doesn’t “walk with Christ,” and that hurt her the most. The two apologize, make up and hug it out. 

In another corner of the party, Contessa brings Toya and Quad up to speed about her blow up with Ms. Renee. Quad asks Contessa if she got her nanny on a Groupon because she doesn’t understand how she allows Ms. Renee to treat her like a piece of crap. Quad wants to know where the top-shelf liquor is and Contessa says her party is not “bougie.”

Contessa’s constant mention of “bougie,” essentially shading Mariah’s classy Mother’s Day event irks Mariah. She mentions this to Simone, who by this time is feeling VERY spirited from numerous tequila shots. This sets Simone off and she gathers the group and tells them that Mariah’s Mother’s Day speech was messy and meant to shade Heavenly.

This opens the door for Heavenly to go off on Mariah. Mariah explains her speech was not about Heavenly, it was a tribute to her mother. Heavenly calls Mariah a liar, and slips up and begins to insult Mama Lucy again. Mariah tells Heavenly’s husband to “get your wife!” Heavenly’s hood-rat persona emerges and she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. Mariah asks the group how did they feel when Heavenly disrespected her mother! Heavenly cuts her off and says your mama hit Toya in the head with her purse. Mariah rises to her feet and lets Heavenly know — that incident had nothing to do with YOU! At this point, the argument grows into a heated shouting match — Contessa steps in to separate the women from tearing each other’s wigs off. 

Tune in next week when Toya exposes us to her S&M bedroom games!


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