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#RHONJ Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Danielle Staub’s Daughter Over ‘Prostitution Whore’ Diss! (Video)

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Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will revisit the moment that set the bar for reality TV drama — Teresa Giudice’s iconic “prostitution whore” table flip.

Teresa will seek to make amends with Danielle Staub’s daughter, Jillian, who felt the heat after the episode aired. Danielle’s shady rep was overshadowed by Teresa’s famous hissy fit — and since Teresa and Danielle are now on the same Bravo team, the reality star/author is apologizing for her actions.

In the preview clip below, Teresa attempts to smooth things over with the teen.   

“Can the universe erase ‘prostitution whore’ from memory sake’s?” Danielle says in a confessional spot. “No. I can’t make it right for my kids. I’ve tried. But now that Teresa and I have reconnected, I feel like it’s not my job to do that anymore. I feel like she really needs to make it right.”

Danielle’s eldest daughter, Christine, is a no-show, evidently refusing to play nice with the Bravo cameras.

Christine is not willing to sit down,” Danielle explains to Teresa. “She’s still hurt from the whole thing and she’s like, ‘No, absolutely not. I don’t believe anybody’s changed.’ But Jillian’s really good at listening. When it’s her turn to speak, she likes to be heard. … They’re two different people.”

Danielle rejoined the cast in Season 8, after noisily exiting the Bravo stage after Season 2. In October, she spoke to People about the backlash her daughters endured after witnessing the spectacle.

“They have been really bullied and tortured based on what the perception of me was made out to be,” Danielle said. “They didn’t deserve any of the things that society did to them. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t – but my kids definitely didn’t deserve any of that.”

“We would all be hurtled rolling around with our stomachs in our hands based on something somebody would say, scream, or post and then tag my daughters in,” Danielle recalled. “We were terrified sometimes to walk out of the door. Sometimes, it was too exhausting to go out to dinner knowing I would be met with dozens of people who would approach me and call me names. There’s only so many times you and your kids can hear that in a day.”

Do you believe that Teresa owes Danielle’s grown children an apology?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesday night, at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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