#RHONJ RECAP: Siggy Avoids Margaret and Her Mother’s Drama At the Gorga Restaurant Opening!

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Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off with Melissa opening packages from Milan in her boutique.  Joe stops by, worried that his wife is plotting to dodge her commitment to the family business — the Gorga restaurant. Joe’s onto something, because Melissa has come to the conclusion that the restaurant biz is not her cup of tea. She would rather dedicate her time to dressing people, as opposed to dipping her toe into an industry she knows nothing about —the irony here should not be missed.

We shift over to Margaret’s home office, where she’s holding her weekly staff briefing–getting her crew up to speed on the Milan trip and her drama with Siggy. Marge rehashes her fight with Siggy and being labeled anti-Semitic — but the main thing on Marge’s mind is planning her upcoming party. The theme will be Studio 54 because she’s obsessed with the disco era ever since her mother took her to see the rated “R” classic — “Saturday Night Fever,” when she was only 7 years-old. She’s planning to host the event in her garden, and decorate with disco balls and topless waiters.

We catch up with Siggy, who’s paying Teresa a visit on the set of her upcoming book photoshoot. Teresa immediately brings up Milan mayhem, but Siggy is over it and ready to move past the drama with Marge. She accepts that the two just don’t mesh, but plans to be respectful and cordial. Teresa mentions that she’s going to visit her husband Joe in prison on SundaySiggy urges her to be honest with him about her feelings. Teresa has been heaving Joe under the bus, blaming her husband for sending her to prison, but she wants an apology stat, or else.  She’s nervous, because this is the first time she’s seeing him since her mother passed away, and looking him dead in the eyes to express herself will not be easy.

Meanwhile, Dolores, Frank and Frankie are embarking on a road trip to visit colleges. The couple have mastered co-parenting and treat each other with an immense amount of respect. They arrive at the University of Sacred Heart. Dolores expresses that she’s not ready to be an empty nester, because she’s made her kids her entire life. The three tour the school grounds and Frankie is impressed with the campus and so is Dolores — and  it’s only hour and a half from home!

Over at Marge’s, her ex husband, Jan, is stopping by to visit his ex. After inviting Jan to her Studio 54 themed party, Marge brings up her broken relationship with her step-kids. She asks him if there is any chance they’ll ever speak to her again. Jan reminds her that she tore the family apart when she cheated, and that he still holds resentment. She shares that she raised the kids since she was 24 and after she cheated with the carpenter fixing her home at the time — her step-kids have not spoken to her in years. Jan offers her little encouragement and seems happy he dodged a bullet. 

We next take a stroll with Dolores and Frank, who are walking the dog and chatting about their unique relationship. They agree that they’re in a great place since he moved back into the family home. Doloresmentions that her doctor boyfriend has been busy delivering babies, but Frank thinks that he doesn’t appreciate her. He shares that he regrets having the same attitude during their marriage. Their chat is endearing, and Stevie Wonder can see the chemistry between these two.

Now that prostitution whore Danielle and felon Teresa have reconnected — Teresa is making good on her promise to apologize to Danielle’s daughters for her rather epic “prostitution whore” table flip. Teresa tries to make amends with Danielle’s daughter, Jillian, who felt the heat after the episode aired. Jillian describes how she was bullied and tortured after the iconic  episode. Danielle’s eldest daughter, Christine, is a no-show, evidently not ready to receive the apology, or the Bravo cameras. Teresa attempts to smooth things over with an earnest apology for her high-drama behavior. She even mentions other mistakes she’s made — shockingly  bringing up going to “jail” — a topic she usually avoids at all costs. Jillian is an articulate 19-year-old, who handles the tense sit down with a lot of class. She graciously accepts Teresa’s apology. 

We travel to Marge’s house, where she and Marge Senior are getting all dolled up for Joe Gorga’s restaurant opening. Marge Senior wants to dress like an aging stripper and threatens to clobber Siggy if she gets out of hand at the event. Her daughter reassures her that everything is copacetic — because Siggy sent her a kind text, in response to her party invite.

Over at Siggy’s house, we have the prestigious honor of seeing her father, who’s a Holocaust scholar and educator. Siggy updates her dad on the Milan trip and the current drama swirling  within the group. Siggy describes how Marge has been making fun of her — calling her “Soggy,” and hurting her feelings. She explains how Marge inserted herself in Teresa’s issue with Dolores, her own decision to walk in Kim D’s charity event, and Marge’s inappropriate comment referencing “Hitler.” Her dad questions Marge’s motives in referencing a monster like Hitler, and deems her comment inappropriate,  and warranting an apology. Siggy tells him that she was so angry when she called Marge anti-Semitic. He doesn’t know if Marge is anti-Semitic or not, but advises his daughter to be cordial and to keep her distance from MargaretMarge has managed to get under Siggy’s skin, and that needs to stop. 

Across town at the Gorga restaurant, Joe is panicking, trying to pull everything together for his opening. Teresa arrives early, and Joe spills that his wife is being no help to the family biz. When Melissa arrives, Teresa immediately confronts her sister-in-law, demanding that she make the restaurant a priority. Melissa gets snippy, and quickly outs the brother and sister tag team five-alarm fire. 

The restaurant opening is underway, and the guests are pouring in the door. Teresa is sexually frustrated and gropes Dolores’ ex husband Frank all over his body — practically drooling out compliments. Siggyarrives, and she’s in great spirits, as she greets everyone. She’a wisely following her dad’s advice and keeping her distance from Margaret. The oversight is not missed by Pigtails, who catches on that Siggy is purposely avoiding her. 

Joe makes a touching speech — dedicating the eatery to his mother, who passed away two months ago. Melissa is moved by her husband’s words and pulls Teresa aside to clarify that she wants to be involved in the restaurant, but at the end of the day, her boutique takes precedent. Teresa offers her sister-in-law a helping hand. 

In a small huddle, Marge Senior comments that she still hasn’t met Siggy. Strangely, this seems of major importance to Marge’s mother. Marge tells her it’s no big deal, but Danielle inserts herself and volunteers to fetch Siggy. Siggy, however, does not take the bait and declines the invitation. 

Siggy comments that she’s not walking into another ambush — smart girl! Danielle goes back to the huddle and stirs the pot — reporting that Siggy refuses to meet Marge Senior. This enrages Marge, who starts cussing about manners and taking the high road. The irony!


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