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#90DayFiance Couple Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez Split and Divorcing!

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Controversial 90 Day Fiance couple, Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez are heading for divorce.

On Tuesday, Luis dropped the breakup bomb in the comment section on Instagram, while chatting with his followers. “i can’t give my social media now bc she is divorcing me, and I have to respect now but when she done about that I can give it so,” Luis wrote.

It looks like Molly, 42, kicked off 2018 by kicking Luis, 26, to the curb. TLC chronicled the early days of their partnership on the hit reality show, after Luis traveled from the Dominican Republic to the United States to wed the Georgia boutique owner/reality star. The couple met while Molly was vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

The messy lovebirds pulled a whammy and became legally married before the show’s wrap, shocking viewers, who were largely cheering against the union. Production was also seemingly left out of the loop.

Molly jumped into the Instagram chat when her husband labeled the series “fake.” “ellos manipulan mucho en la produccion it’s fake more than real,” Luis wrote, to which Molly jabbed back, “Bullshit.”

Onlookers called out the social media flirt-fest, and Molly chimed in her thoughts. I don’t care about those chics..” Molly wrote. “Maybe one will hang with him tonight while I’m in OKC”

The couple legally wed in July 2017.

Molly and Luis were slammed by fan backlash after Luis failed to connect with Molly’s two daughters, Olivia, 17 and Kensley, 6, in his struggle to adjust to life in America.

Eyebrows were raised even higher when Molly revealed that Luis had pushed for a premature paperwork marriage. TLC cameras captured Molly dramatically breaking off the faux engagement, but the couple reconciled before the Tell-All reunion taping.

Do you believe that this messy 90 day ride will end in an even messier split? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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