Blind Item: Real Housewife Cyberstalker (Exclusive)

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

A reality wife has been labeled a cyber-bully — but the real harasser is linked to her accuser.

A noisy reality feud ended in a cast exit — rumored to have been sparked when one reality wife slammed another with online harassment allegations.

A cheap Twitter voice sits in the middle of the emotional online drama — and has now been identified as a good friend of the accuser.

The accuser is playing victim but she’s use to “faking it,” while her friend continues to peddle lies, and stalk the other reality wife.

The scam will soon unravel and the real harasser is about to be EXPOSED — and the connection to the accuser revealed. 

Name the reality wife, the accuser and reality show.

The Reality Wife:

The Accuser:

Reality Show:


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