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‘You Have 10+ Mugshots’ Kailyn Lowry Slams Jenelle Evans in Twitter War — Jenelle Responds!

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Kailyn Lowry slammed Teen Mom 2 co-star, Jenelle Evans, on Wednesday, after the MTV diva posted an article questioning the paternity of Kailyn’s baby boy. 

Jenelle dished out cease and desist letters to Kailyn and Chelsea DeBoer in November, blasting them for “defamation of character, libel and slander,” after the MTV stars posted articles about Jenelle on their social media accounts.

Kailyn took notice of Jenelle’s posted piece, and blasted her co-star for the hypocritical move on Twitter. “Jenelle don’t ever fucking try to scare me with a cease & desist when you’re posting this BULLSHIT.”

The article alleged that Chris Lopez is not the father of Kailyn’s son, Lux. Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, who also received a cease and desist from Jenelle, chimed in his thoughts.

Kailyn recently ruffled Jenelle’s feathers when she nodded on Twitter at TM2 drama involving Jenelle’s three-year-old son, Kaiser.

Kaiser was seen  screaming “feed me” in the controversial clip, and Kailyn called out a released gif, teasing about the televised horror. “There’s nothing funny about this,” Kailyn wrote, at the time. Fans were in an uproar over the episode, and Jenelle clearly did not appreciate Kailyn’s co-sign. Jenelle and Randy have also had their social media scraps — but that hasn’t stopped Randy from throwing in his two cents, when he feels inspired.

Jenelle replied to Lowry’s tweet on Friday, December 29. “Kail… I have sent you screenshots of the tweets you’ve posted over the years. They we’re included in your letter but you don’t care to mention that part.. You know none of us write any of these articles we get paid to post.” 

The Read Between the Lines author added, “For you to get on here AGAIN to tweet about some drama goes to show how thirsty you are for attention constantly, you try way too hard. It’s funny.”

Kailyn denies receiving screenshots of tweets and supporting texts in the cease and desist letter about the stories she allegedly sold to the media. “If you have 10+ mugshots do not try to blame me for you not being [able] to secure a job,” the Love is Bubblegum author tweeted on Friday. “That wasn’t even worth responding to. Over it.”

Jenelle can dish it out — but evidently, no one else is allowed. What do you think about Jenelle’s hypocritical jab?


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