Carlton Gebbia Sued For Allegedly Attacking Housekeeper — #RHOBH Alum Denies Allegations!

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Carlton Gebbia, 44, is being sued by her former housekeeper of six years for alleged physical, verbal, and emotional abuse.

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and self-proclaimed witch allegedly smashed one of her TVs with a baseball bat. When the housekeeper tried to calm her down, Carlton allegedly pushed her, where she fell against a door, according to TMZ.

The unidentified victim was hired by the reality witch in 2011, and acted as her nanny, in addition to her: chauffeur, grocery shopper, and personal assistant.

After the nanny was given two weeks to deal with her injuries, the nanny was allegedly fired the next month.

The nanny also exposed that Carlton has attempted suicide in the past, and in one incident, she allegedly threw herself off the second story of her home.

The South African-born reality star is dismissing the nanny’s accusations — saying the woman is fabricating the abuse claims to retaliate after she was fired for not reporting to work.

Carlton’s husband, David, filed for divorce in November. 


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