#RHOBH RECAP: Erika Reveals Meeting Her Dad At 25 After Abandoning Her Own Son At 3!

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We catch up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Las Vegas, where the cast is poised and ready to hit the town. Rinna has just busted onto the scene, instantly raising tensions within the group. Rinna greets the ladies, and Dorit cautiously submits to a chilly Season 8 hug. Kyle is worried, nervous that Rinna’s rogue mouth might wreck the mood. Rinna reveals that she has decided to debut the nice Rinna this season, because her real self has been a hot mess of a bust.

We next join Erika, who is getting into her naughty limo driver costume with her glam squad.

Flashback player, Adrienne Maloof, pops in for appearance, before Erika stiffly struts her entrance. The cast weighs in on Erika’s squad’s latest shenanigans before they all sit down for dinner. Rinna is thrilled to be included, seemingly aware that she’s walking on thin ice. We learn that Teddi became a fitness-committed accountability coach, after ditching a lot of weight. Lisa nudges Rinna to sign up stat, but Rinna claims that she already has a pro guiding her path. Lisa snarks that Rinna should demand a refund, and a formal apology. Dorit is surprised and delighted by Erika’s friendlier demeanor. Camille’s snoozy wallflower act rolls on.

The ladies hit a club, and Camille creaks out a few old moves, while Dorit considers elbowing Rinna over a balcony. The club gives the birthday girls a shout-out, which gives Teddi a thrill. The next morning, Rinna reminds us that her daughter is successful enough to throw away wads of cash, as Dorit checks in on her family. Dorit chats with PK, reminding us that she has some unfinished biz to settle with Rinna. In another room, Rinna flaunts her bony bikini bod before heading to the pool with Kyle and Camille.

Meanwhile, Dorit, Erika and Teddi check out the casino. Teddi wins 800 big ones, but is uncomfortable in the setting — confessing a refreshingly money-conscious mindset. The gamblers hit the booze, and Teddi rolls her eyes at Dorit and Erika’s cash flash. Meanwhile, Kyle brags about her annual family luxury vacation, sharing her excitement about the upcoming 24/7 family time. Teddi hangs onto her cash thru a wave of obnoxious peer pressure, and Lisa shows up, praising Dorit and Erika for playing nice. Lisa grabs a moment to ponder whether or not Erika will ever thaw out and make an effort to be real friends. Erika is actually too cool for girl talk, but is encouraged by Lisa’s words.

The girl groups chatter about the tension between Rinna and Dorit, who disagree about the need to rehash their past beef. Erika and Lisa bond over a beauty buy, and Teddi is excited that friendships seem to be blossoming with the ladies. In a pre-evening gossip sesh, Kyle dishes with Erika about Harry Hamlin’s confrontational jab about her sister, Kim. Erika encourages her to spill the tea to Rinna, so Kyle decides to tiptoe into the danger zone.

The ladies next head off to a slow motion ferris wheel lounge, and Bravo launches Kyle’s annual height phobia rant. Rinna begins to wonder if a  Season 7 rehash would be worth the trouble, while Kyle works up the nerve to rat out hiking Harry. Dorit beats her to the punch, informing Rinna that her runaway mouth is lowdown and dirty. PK’s past season chatter about Rinna is rewound, offering a spot-on walk down memory lane. Rinna is flummoxed, but wants to drop the coke-laced controversy.

Kyle and Lisa try to work Teddi into the mix — but the smart rookie doesn’t bite. Rinna tries to sell her past verbal venom as a mutual “bad moment,” but finally admits that she did wrong Dorit. The duo agrees to give their friendship another whirl, and celebrates their newfound maturity with a hug. Rinna hopes to teach her daughters that you can take over the world without being a mouthy bitch — at least for two episodes.

Kyle unloads the hiker Harry anecdote, but the story is old news to Rinna. Rinna stifles a cringe, and chalks up the upset to a reunion hangover. Lisa pushes Rinna to admit that PK’s defense of his wife is the same deal, and Rinna finally admits that she’s kind of an a-hole. The ladies get off the ride and hit another bar, where Erika gets gleefully dirty with a some phallic chunks of ice. Kyle exits the scene to begin her family vacay — thrilled that the girls made it though the first tenth of the season without clawing each other’s eyes out.

Teddi shares more about her parents, and Erika drops that she grew up without a father. Erika was 25 when she first met her father, who abandoned her when she was an infant — a spookily familiar story. Erika admits that she missed having a dad growing up, but denies marrying her grandhusband to fill a daddy void.

Erika laughs off her fatherless past with a few forced cackles, briefly stepping away from her new sensitive self. Teddi nails Erika as “too cool for anything,” and hopes that she won’t offend her new friends with her hard fact observations. Teddi is horrified to admit that she’s working to score points with Erika, so she decides to take a few steps back.

Teddi and Dorit share breakfast the next morning, and Dorit advises the newbie to take her time with the half defrosted Erika — who’s now hinting that she’s up for a jostle for Lisa’s throne. 

Next week, Teddi shows off her equestrian skills and Erika continues to open up about her father. 


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