RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Mariah’s Mother Shuts Down Heavenly’s Apology — ‘I Can’t Forgive You!’

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Friday night’s episode of Married to Medicine kicks off with the aftermath of Quad and Dr. G’s massive blowout over Quad’s perceived lack of love in the relationship. Quad claims there’s something missing in their marriage. But Dr. G has had enough of Quad’s bullshit inability to communicate her needs like an adult and peels out the driveway in his Mini Cooper. After he leaves, Quad calls Dr. Jackie for emotional support. Ironically, Quad expresses her needs clearly and concisely to Jackie. “I have a hole in my heart and a hole in my chest. And I feel empty and I feel lonely in my marriage,” Quad tells Jackie. She then alludes to a divorce on the horizon, if things don’t change.

Meanwhile over at Heavenly’s house, former Bravoleb Jewel Tankard, who is also Heavenly’s spiritual advisor arrives. Heavenly’s in desperate need of recharging her journey to become a better person, because she behaved unhinged unsavory in New Orleans. During the New Orleans girl’s trip — Simone took Heavenly to a voodoo priest, which in Heavenly’s eyes violated her Christianity. As a result, Heavenly cussed Simone out. Jewel advises her she was wrong to use profanity and she needs to stop. She also tells Jewel that she apologized to Mariah for saying negative things about her mother — Ms. Lucy. Heavenly feels that she needs to apologize to Ms. Lucy personally, but fears getting smacked upside the head with Ms. Lucy’s purse. Interestedly, Heavenly fails to mention that she picked on and cussed out Contessa while on the trip. Jewels reassures Heavenly that she’s a good person but needs to work on her delivery.

Simone’s sister pays her a visit. The doctor’s marriage is in major crisis, so she’s happy for a listening ear. Simone says if their issues aren’t fixed soon, the marriage will result in a breakup. Simone feels the problem stems from the couple living in separate houses and constantly arguing over nothing. Her sister reminds her that they use to be inseparable, and if she wants the marriage to work, they need to live under the same roof. Simone claims Cecil is very hostile towards her. Her sister suggests she answers his animosity with kindness. Simone is overwhelmed with emotions and starts to cry.

Over at Mariah’s house, she’s planning a very special Mother’s Day brunch to honor all the special moms in her life. She’s inviting all the ladies — she wants them to know that her apology and forgiveness (of their transgressions) in New Orleans was sincere. She’s ready to bury the hatchet and move on with all the women.

Jackie seeks advice from Simone’s husband, Cecil, about reconciling with Curtis after his public affair. After the New Orleans trip, she’s ready to forgive and misses him. She tells Cecil that Curtis has owned his actions and did not blame her for any of it. Now she’s ready to sit down with him and have a face-to-face for the first time since she learned he cheated. The convo then switches to Simone’s and Cecil’s rocky marriage. Cecil admits to struggling with telling his wife that he loves her because he wasn’t raised that way. But he plans on working on it. 

Quad picks up Toya to go house hunting but for her alone — not Gregory. Quad says she’s looking for her own place and needs space away from the tension in her household. During their car ride, Dr. G calls and the tense vibe between husband and wife is obvious. Quad says she’s not cooking dinner tonight and Dr. G jokingly says, “I knew you weren’t cooking tonight.” Quad abruptly hangs up the phone and tells Toya that he was about to start an argument. Their exchange shocks Toya, who comments that she didn’t realize their marriage was in such shambles. Toya advises Quad to maintain open communication with Dr. G but Quad shoots her down. The ladies arrive at Quad’s perspective new residence and it turns out to be a $170,500 Mercedes G Wagon — the cost of a home but not an actual home. Toya wonders if Dr. G is aware of Quad’s pricey new toy and Quad says she bought it with her money so Dr. G doesn’t have to be informed.

Over at Heavenly’s place, her son visits from college and Heavenly grills the young man on his dating life because he doesn’t come home often and is wearing a designer belt. She wants him to come work for her over the summer since he’s a pre-med major. 

Toya is elated that her beautiful mother is in town for Mother’s Day but immediately sours the mood by bringing up her almost non-existent sex life with Eugene. Toya tells her mom that since Eugene started pulling double duty at the hospital, they’re having sex once a month. Then Toya rehashes a previous sex convo with her dad, where he mentioned Toya’s mother a lot. The couple divorced years ago over his cheating. 

The ladies are all simultaneously prepping for Mariah’s Mother’s Day brunch. Mariah has planned an elegant white and yellow affair. As the ladies arrive, they’re all radiant in their yellow and white dresses. Contessa shares that her mom passed away from breast cancer. Simone and Heavenly exchange a few shady glances and jabs over unresolved issues in New Orleans.

Contessa brought her ratchet nanny, who’s busy getting her motor mouth running. The host Mariah, makes her grand entrance in a blue dress to stand out as the host. Naturally, Heavenly takes offense to Mariah wearing blue at her own party. FYI Heavenly — its common practice for the host to wear a different color to stand out.

As the party gets underway, the guests move inside to escape the heat. The decor is a stunning sea of yellow and butterflies everywhere. Contessa’s nanny — Ms. Renee appears to be drunk as she approaches Ms. Lucy with an off-color compliment about Ms. Lucy’s skin color. The party planner quickly shuts up Ms. Renee by showing her to her seat.

At Mariah’s table, Jackie and Simone tell some of the ladies that Cecil met with Jackie. Jackie praises Cecil for giving her incredible insight from a man’s perspective. Simone comments that her youngest son is very warm and affectionate and she wishes they both could be more like Michael. Simone says Cecil’s words don’t match his actions.

From across the room, Ms. Renee screams at Contessa for leaving the tag on the Mother’s Day present she gifted her. This leads to Jackie questioning Contessa about Ms. Renee’s ability to care for her children. She wants to know if Ms. Rene cusses in front of her kids. Contessa looks annoyed but reassures Jackie that Ms. Renee does not cuss around her kids — she loves them, she hugs them and she prays with them — in other words, mind your business heffa.

Mariah takes the stage and Ms. Renee tries to interrupt her speech but Mariah quickly shuts her down. Mariah holds an award ceremony — and acknowledges Toya for being a dedicated stay-at-home mom, and throws some shade at Heavenly for disrespecting Ms. Lucy at last year’s reunion. The shade doesn’t go unnoticed by Heavenly, whose eyes are darting all over the room. 

After the ladies dine on brunch, the party moves to the patio overlooking the lake. Heavenly decides to approach Ms. Lucy with an apology. She tells her that she’s sincerely sorry about her nasty words but Ms. Lucy politely declines the apology, “Well Heavenly, right now I can’t forgive you because it wouldn’t be Godly…it’s gonna take me some time to heal from you.” Ms. Lucy politely dismisses Heavenly, who walks away with her head hung low. #GirlBye.

Mariah and the ladies conclude the party by releasing butterflies!

Tune in next week when Mariah and Heavenly face-off in heated confrontation at a 90’s themed party.


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