RECAP: #RHONJ Margaret Issues A Fake Apology To Mend Friendship With Siggy Flicker!

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The calm after the storm should be the title of Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. When we last left the Jersey gals in Milan, Siggy was planning to to remove herself from the toxic environment, after her beef with Marge exploded.

Danielle’s glass-smashing tantrum has left behind a lingering nuclear disaster-sized emotional drain, but the cast presses on. Dolores, Teresa, Melissa and Margaret are having lunch overlooking the canal — enjoying an authentic Italian meal. Melissa reveals that she has a bike tour planned for Siggy, Danielle and herself, and hopes they’ll join after their crazy fight. Much to her surprise, both ladies show up, and are in good spirits as they tour the city.

Meanwhile, Teresa has organized a cooking lesson for the other ladies, and the group prepares by shopping for “ingrediences.” The trio is learning to make pasta from a real Italian chef. Teresa swears that she knows how to cook, but while cutting meat for beef tartare, she cuts the wood from the chopping board into the meat. The cookbook author laughs and doesn’t seem alarmed by the pulpy addition. 

Siggy, Danielle and Melissa park their bikes for a picnic in the park. The trio discusses Siggy and Danielle’s reconciliation, before the convo shifts to Margaret. Siggy tears up as she explains how Margaret’s cutting remarks about Hitler cut to the core, but Melissa and Danielle are dismissive, and make excuses for Margaret’s biting comment. Melissa invites Siggy and Danielle to the home-cooked dinner with the other ladies. 

Luckily for Milan, this dinner is served in a private soundproof room. The air is thick and the energy between Siggy and Marge is palatable. Margaret is staying super quiet, making the evening super awkward. Melissa shines a spotlight on the tension, by pulling Marge out of the group to whisper in the other room. Marge shares that she’s uncomfortable after being called anti-Semitic. She returns to the table and finally apologizes for using the name “Hitler” in Siggy’s presence. Marge acknowledges “Hitler” is a trigger word for Siggy, and tries to muster serious sincerity.

Siggy remains quiet, but Danielle chimes in, gushing over Margaret’s words. Teresa remarks that the mediocre apology almost made her weep. Siggy explains that she’s emotionally spent and not ready to get over the comment, after all that had transpired.

Back in New Jersey, Joe is visiting Teresa’s kids and they discuss planning a nice party for her upcoming birthday.

We return to Milan, and the ladies are prepping for the day’s activities. Over in Melissa’s room, she gossips with Teresa about Marge’s oh-so-sincere apology, and how wonderful a person the newbie is. Danielle stops by Siggy and Dolores’ suite, and scolds the relationship expert about not accepting the apology and taking the high road. You know, because the violent felon, who smashed a glass the other night is such an expert on conflict resolution. 

Marge and Danielle visit a shoe factory to preview the process, but the wholesale price points are not a good fit for her line – shocker?

Teresa wants to visit a beautiful place to pray for her mom, and share the moment with Siggy, because Marge didn’t invite her to Nonna’s beach memorial. Siggy is touched by the kind gesture. Teresa is emotional about the time she missed with her mother while in prison, but Siggy reminds her that her daughters benefited from bonding with their grandmother. The ladies rehash their intense dinner on the first night. They discuss different levels of hurt — one labeled “Soggy” and the other an “adult-tree.” Siggy believes that hurt is hurt but Teresa feels being called an “adult-tree” is like being shot. Teresa excuses Margaret’s digs as harmless, and encourages Siggy to accept her apology. Siggy acknowledges Teresa as a good friend, and promises to think about her advice. The ladies hug it out.

Melissa and Dolores next venture out on a gelato date. Melissa inquires about Dolores’ relationship with her doctor boyfriend, David. Dolores explains she’s into just dating, adding that having Frank around offers the best of both worlds. They’re together all of the time, he’s a friend and a companion. It also makes her realize that she does want more from David. The convo then shifts to Marge’s breathtaking apology. Dolores explains that Siggy wasn’t emotionally ready for it, and wasn’t being snobby by ignoring her. Melissa defends Marge, and thinks that she was being the bigger person. She believes that Siggy needs to apologize for the “anti-Semitic” remark. 

It’s the ladies last night in Italy, and a final dinner is planned. Back at the hotel, Melissa gives Marge a gift to thank her for the invitation to Milan. She hopes that Siggy apologizes to Marge before they head back to the states. 

As the dinner starts, Siggy acknowledges Marge’s apology, and explains why she called her “anti-Semitic,” in the heat of the moment. She admits that but she doesn’t really believe it, and apologizes if her remark hurt her in any way. Margaret doesn’t receive the apology well, and counters that the jab is career-changing and damaging. Teresa adds her two-cents, “We’re not going to take sides,” and the tension is broken. The women eat dinner without being kicked out, and no glasses are hurled. Marge invites the ladies to her 70’s themed birthday party as the episode fades.  

Tune in next week, when Margaret seeks the help of her ex to mend the shattered relationship with her step-kids.  


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