RECAP: #90DayFiance Season 5 Tell-All — Chris Cuts David Off, Azan’s A No-show and Molly Begs Luis Back!

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Dum-dum-dee-dum! 90 Day Fiance concluded last night, and viewers were invited to multiple weddings, before the cast sat down to hash out the season, in a Tell All finale. Vows are exchanged, before host, Shawn Robinson, “wow’ed” fans through the post-season marathon.

Molly and Luis

Molly breaks the bad news to Olivia that she’s legally tied to Luis. Her daughter is hurt and upset that she was left out of the loop. Molly is confused and tries to muster a few sympathy tears, but Olivia doesn’t buy it. Molly drops the bomb on her dad, who gently advises her to shoot for a husband who really loves her, and is actually present.

Tell-All WOW

Molly blames food chemicals and culture shock for Luis’ abhorrent behavior, before Luis busts out of a hidden room in a surprise appearance. Molly begged him back, and now he appears mildly interested in making it work. Olivia shares her insight. Molly desperately clings to a starry fantasy in the shadow of a doomed marriage. 

David and Annie

David tries to make peace with his daughter before the wedding. She passes, and is especially peeved that her birthday was hijacked for the event. The couple says “I do” after David takes a few shots to loosen him up. Nikki kindly supports the bride, and Ashley makes a reluctant and crabby appearance.

Tell-All WOW

Nikki reveals that Chris has been paying David to be his friend since 2009. Chris financially cuts David off, sharing the news under Nikki’s do-it-or-die glare. He offers Annie $10k to vamoose, but she turns him down.

David leaves viewers hanging, when he reveals his employment plan, or lack thereof. Antonio pops in for a visit, and blasts David as an unapologetic drunk, and Annie as an alleged gold digger. Annie finally admits that if David stays broke, she’s out. 

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei tie the knot. Elizabeth’s father isn’t keen on the idea and warns Andrei not to screw it up. 

Tell All WOW

Andrei comes through as the confident voice of reason. He tells it like it is, and labels Luis a punk.

Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David get married. The couple is thrilled and can’t wait to get busy between the sheets. Evelyn hopes that it won’t be too weird.

Tell All WOW

The couple gives a honeymoon report, and hint at a beginner-level red-hot sex life. Lots of viewers cringe.

Josh and Aika
Tell All WOW

Josh is still fixed, and the couple has not moved toward having a family. Aika isn’t sure that the marriage will last without little “Jaikas” in the mix.

Nicole and Azan

Azan’s visa application is in the mail, and Nicole is excited to press on toward an American marriage. Nicole tells her mother that Azan’s interview is set, but Robalee is nervous that Azan is a shady moocher. We learn that Nicole has been sending bulk cash over to Azan. Nicole floats the nonsensical idea of moving to Morocco. 

Tell All WOW

Azan is a no-show. Robalee spills the tea, telling viewers that Nicole has a habit of labeling her boyfriends “Daddy” to her young daughter. She also dishes that Nicole regularly sends Azan wads of cash. Azan’s interview is on the horizon, but word on the street is that his visa has been denied. Nicole’s blatant abusive patterns are not addressed.

What are your favorite WOW moments from this season of 90 Day Fiance? Sound off in the comments!   


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