RECAP: #90DayFiance Annie Finds Out David Likes To Cheat with Hookers!

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The 90 days are up — so where did our 90 Day Fiance couples land?

Molly and Luis

The episode begins with Molly, who’s in a tizzy over Luis acting too much like himself so close to the wedding date. The big day is only three days away, and Molly is distressed about Luis’ complete disgust at living a family oriented life. Luis declared that Molly is a pagan decorator, but Molly assures the audience that despite her extra-colorful dating life, she is a longtime God worshipper. Her brother lends his sis an ear, but doesn’t defend her honor when Luis drags through the room. Molly breaks down, wallowing in the realization that she has imported a big loser. Her brother has already embraced the loser into the clan, but realizes that Molly has a whopper of a decision to make. Molly admits that the hurdles are real, as her daughter, Olivia, enters the discussion.

Olivia encourages her mom to put herself first, and Molly’s brother pushes his sis to confirm if he has a new baby bro or not. Olivia is worried that Luis is a mega-dud, and hopes that her mother pulls the plug on the ridiculous romance. Molly and Luis next have a closed door powwow, where Luis informs her that his brother is on his way to rescue him from her suburban hell-hole. Molly is devastated, but knows that calling off this mess is for the best. Molly’s mom swoops in to protect her daughter from witnessing the big exit, but adds that she is bummed that the party is canceled. Her mama pep talks Molly off the ledge, brightening her daughter’s spirits. Luis officially busts out, and Molly comes home to a fresher smelling house. Molly is heartbroken and confused, but re-cranks the drama when she drops the bomb that the couple is already legally married. Production is supposedly confused — and the plot thickens.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole has made it back from Morocco, and is readjusting to her text-only romance. Nicole loves Azan, especially when he isn’t present to push her buttons. Nicole just can’t wait to marry Azan, and hopes that one day she can shove him around on American soil. Nicole later meets up with her family for dinner, and her mom knows that her daughter hasn’t yet dished the real dirt. Nicole shares a few snippets about the trip, and continues to sell Azan’s “trust” issues, rather than admitting to the abusive arguments. Nicole’s family isn’t keen on Azan being slapped with the “daddy” label, and wonders how he ever will make enough cash to overfeed their daughter. Nicole’s stepfather advises her to cut the crap, and put May first.

Evelyn and David

It’s 24 hours til the big day, and David’s groomsmen have made the trip for the wedding. Evelyn’s parents are taking care of the controversial tuxedo expenses, but the lifted burden doesn’t squelch the snark, as the men try on the suits. Groomsman Ricardo shades Evelyn’s bridezilla rep, but David defends her honor, ordering his friend to grow up and respect his future wife. Ricardo keeps pushing it, declaring his buddy “content” but not necessarily in love. The wedding day dawns bright, and the couple is giddy to say “I do.” Evelyn’s mother chokes up at her daughter in her wedding dress — and David is excited to marry the love of his life. Rebel Ricardo is late with the rings, adding a dash of pre-wedding drama. Evelyn heads for the church, and Ricardo comes through with the rings. The guys get locked out of the  apartment, but make it to the church on time.

David and Annie

We check in with Annie, who’s still reeling, after learning that her fiance has a history of straying with cheap hookers. Annie walked out on David the night before, and sought haven with Nikki and Chris, who were conveniently in town.

Annie confronts David with the claim, and David reminds her that he isn’t the only one with a shady past — adding that her ticket to the U.S. is treading on thin ice. David manages to squeeze out a few sobs, referencing his tawdry past. Annie wants to stick close to Nikki and Chris, but is willing to overlook David’s dirty sins to score a spot in America.

David later meets up with Chris, who is worried that he signed up to support a parasitic quitter. Chris reminds David of his commitment to dropping the bum act, but admits that he can’t resist rescuing an underdog mooch. Chris volunteers to bankroll the wedding, and David rationalizes the handout like a pro deadbeat. David tries to woo Annie back into his confidence, and hopes that Chris coughing up a wedding will put a smile on her face. Annie later finds a cheap dress that she likes, and David cosigns the figure — until his credit card tanks. Nikki pays for the dress, but Annie vows to squeeze a payback out of her future hubby.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth and Andrei are battling over buttinski sister trauma, as their wedding day approaches. Andrei and Elizabeth’s sister, Jen, meet up to discuss the bachelorette phone drama, and Jen appears delighted to score a solo spotlight. Jen admits that she wanted to test their relationship, and Andrei isn’t happy. Andrei doesn’t want dissenters at the wedding, but Jen declares that there’s no one that could keep her away. Andrei is annoyed, but manages to make faux peace with his future sis-in-law.

Josh and Aika

Josh and Aika are riddled with doubts, but are moving ahead with a Vegas wedding. Aika wants babies, and due to her age, has decided to settle for Josh. Aika meets Josh’s parents for the first time, and his mother admits that her son’s picker has a dicey history. Aika believes that Josh is a nice Romeo, in a kinda sterile way. His parents are initially not optimistic, but hope that their son will get it together, one day. Josh, nor his parents, have any contact with his grown children, and Aika is sympathetic to his vaguely tragic plight. Josh’s mom likes Aika, and now has high hopes for a successful marriage. Their wedding day arrives, and Josh is a happy man. Aika rocks a pink showgirl vibe, and Josh wears his most dashing denim. A few friends and family members have gathered, including doubting Joe. Josh’s mom is over the moon at her new bestie, and orders her son to not blow it. The ceremony goes smoothly, and vows are exchanged. Josh’s mom prays that Aika will beat some maturity into her failure of a son, and Aika is thrilled to have landed a red white and blue address. 

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