‘Drugs Make People Mean!’ #TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans’ Sister-In-Law Jessica Eason RIPS Her A New One In Blistering Rant!

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Jenelle Evans scored a Teen Mom 2 special, but the fallout continues for the reality star, after the colorful romantic rewind.

Jenelle The Ex Files offered viewers a flashback of Jenelle’s chaotic love life, and although her husband, David Eason, was only given a brief nod — the blip triggered a passionate rant from David’s sister, Jessica Eason Miller.

“We’re the babies of our families, we’ve been through a lot of sh*t with our parents, our families are both kinda crazy,” Jenelle said about herself and David in the special.

Jessica took to social media to blast Jenelle — presumably upset by Jenelle’s reference to her “kinda crazy” family. In a private Facebook group, Jessica skewered her MTV sister-in-law. 

“I’m so disgusted with how David is lettin’ that skank treat his family,” Jessica wrote, earlier this week.

Jenelle and David wed in September — but the groom was the only one with family in attendance. David’s mother was briefly featured in the wedding episode, and is believed to be the couple’s go-to babysitter. Jenelle remains in a contentious relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans, the duo in a never-ending war over custody of Jenelle’s oldest child, eight-year-old Jace Evans.

Jenelle gonna keep making comments about OUR family that did her a favor by adopting her lonely dumb ass…” Jessica said.

Jessica pointed to mental illness and drug abuse being in the mix, as well as a motive to keep David distant from his ex, Olivia, the mother of his two older children. Jenelle and David share a baby daughter, Ensley, 10 months.

“I tried to make amends w/ JE but her heart is too full of demons, jealousy and hate,” ranted Jessica. “Drugs make people mean.”

Jenelle’s shattered relationship with her mother has been well documented — but should MTV take a closer look at the other side of the messy family dynamic?

Let us know what you think — and watch Teen Mom OG, Monday nights on MTV. 


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