#RHONJ RECAP: Glass Smashing Violence In Milan RIPS The Ladies Apart Forever!

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Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey begins with all of the ladies packing for their international cast trip to Milan, Italy. We join Melissa and Joe, who are chatting about the trip while Joe wonders why his wife would leave the country with people she doesn’t even like. Melissa explains that the purpose of the trip is to get inspiration for her business — not trashy frenemy drama. Sure!

Over at Margaret’s house, she and her husband are also discussing the trip, and hashing out the same faux bewilderment. Margaret labels the Posche fashion show catfight the “elephant in the room,” and hopes that the upcoming fireworks won’t get her deported. She jabbers on and on about the so-called business trip, designed to steal ideas “get inspiration” for her upcoming shoe line. Over at Siggy’sMichael watches on as she preps for the trip. He questions if the group can coexist in Italy, and Siggy explains that she appreciates her friendships with Teresa, Melissa and Dolores — but plans to call Margaret out over her horrendous Hitler comment.

The ladies all meet at the airport and jet off to Milan. The van ride to the hotel goes off without a hitch, and all is peaceful. The group arrives at the fancy hotel, divvy up rooms, then head out in pairs. Melissa and Margaret are going to visit a showroom, Siggy and Dolores are going shopping, and the two convictsTeresa and Danielle, plan to see the sights before grabbing a bite.

Siggy and Dolores hit the Italian shops, and begin to discuss the cancer in the grouDanielle tearing the women apart. Dolores reminds Siggy that Danielle has a dark history of creating havoc. Siggy believes that Margaret’s insensitive Hitler comment was sinister in nature, and plans to confront Pigtails about it.

Meanwhile, Teresa and Danielle gossip over cocktails, while overlooking the Duomo di Milano. The cathedral setting doesn’t brighten their hearts — because Danielle immediately slams Siggy and Dolores. She blasts Dolores for not owning anything and getting in Melissa’s face at the Posche smackdown. Teresa informs Danielle that Siggy actually apologized and stuck up for her to Kim DDanielle stirs the pot, convincing Teresa that Siggy’s effort was tardy, and that her defense should have happened in the moment. 

On the van ride to the showroom, Melissa and Marge discuss the tension in the group, supposedly triggered by Dolores’ aggression and Siggy’s silence during the Kim D. altercation. Once in the showroom, Melissa reminds viewers that her former business partner left her with nothing, and she was forced to rebuild her boutique. She’s looking for “sexy/classy” pieces for her store, but every piece that catches her eye she wants for herself — clearly illustrating why her former business partner ran for the hills.

Later that day, the ladies return back to the hotel and prepare for dinner. Teresa is ready first, so she goes to Melissa’s room for another gossip sesh — Siggy again the hot topic. She repeats what Danielle told her earlier — that Siggy should have stuck up for her in front of Kim DDanielle powwows with Marge, and warns her that the sh*t will hit the fan tonight when the “elephant in the room” is addressed.

The ladies arrive at the fancy restaurant and the festivities are off to a raunchy start when Danielle gives a table-side demo of a “rainbow” blow job. The drinks are flowing, and Teresa giggles through a light-hearted email from Joe, the note ending in a snarky “cheater” quip. The nod to Teresa’s alleged side piece then triggers a tidal wave of DRAMA! Siggy brings up that fun-crushing elephant when she lets Teresa know that she defended her 100% amid the recent cheating chatter. Danielle throws in her unsolicited two-cents — “I didn’t see you defending them…so I don’t know if that happened.” Siggy is flabbergasted — and wants to know who Danielle thinks she is to question her loyalty to Teresa

Siggy reminds Teresa and Melissa that she’s known them for years so they should stick up for her now, but Melissa accuses Siggy of not doing the same at the fashion show. Melissa then confronts Dolores on their in-your-face shouting match at the high-drama event. Dolores apologizes, but points out that she joined forces with Margaret and Danielle that night to go against her and Siggy.

Siggy then shifts the focus to Margaret’s rude remark referencing Hitler. Marge doesn’t cop to disrespecting Siggy, and chalks up the comment to a harmless analogy. This pisses Siggy off, so she blasts her as “anti-semitic.” Marge flips out, stands up, and starts barking her objections. Melissa tries to interject, but Siggy isn’t interested. Danielle shushes Siggy, and informs her that Melissa is speaking, while vehemently defending MargeSiggy doesn’t cave, calls Danielle a “bitch,” and tells her she wants nothing to do with her or her sidekick.

The dismissal sends Danielle into a violent rage, and she starts mashing wine glasses and screaming obscenities. Their trashy American shenanigans are not welcomed in Milan, and they get kicked out of the restaurant. A screaming match ensues outside, as production ushers the ladies back to the hotel.

The next day, the women are emotionally wrecked from the night before, but that’s not stopping them from fanning the flames. Danielle, Marge, Teresa and Melissa meet up to debrief the disturbing blowout. Danielle and Siggy are spent, and decide to not go on the canal tour that Melissa has planned. 

Back in New Jersey, the fellas — Joe, Frank, Marge’s husband and Danielle’s fiance meet for drinks. The convo is light-hearted chatter about the struggles of raising kids — especially girls.

Back at the hotel, Siggy and Danielle sit down to talk out the explosive fight from the night before. Siggy apologizes for dismissing Danielle, and wishes she could take back her actions. Danielle plays victim and warns to never dismiss her because that always triggers her to publicly act like an animal. Siggy explains that ever since Marge came into the group — she has demeaned and hurt her feelings. Her “Hitler” comment last the last straw, but Siggy’s very sorry she took it out on Danielle. Once again, Danielle defends Marge, and plays victim in the whole situation. The two hug it out, but it’s clear that their issues are far from over. 

Meanwhile, the canal tour is underway, and the Milan landscape is beautiful. Teresa flirts with the young tour guide, bats her eyelashes, and pretends to speaks Italian to him. Surprisingly, the ladies are getting along well. After sitting down for lunch, last night’s drama is again  discussed. Dolores repeats her apology to Melissa, who does not return the favor for getting in Dolores’ face. Tensions rise again when Siggy’s name is thrown into the mix. 

Dolores explains that Siggy has her own mind and believes Marge is anti-Siggy, not anti-semitic. Marge tries to persuade Dolores that Siggy blew the “Hitler” comment out of proportion, and that she meant no harm. Dolores disagrees, and explains that she would have said worse if she was Siggy because Marge blindly inserted herself into their drama without full knowledge of the situation. Teresa chimes in that Siggy and Marge are like “oil and vinegar,” — the verbal gaffe cuts the tension, and the women laugh.  

Back at the hotel, Siggy calls Michael to update him on the drama. He’s over it, and wants to remove his wife from the toxic environment, so he advises her to come home. Siggy agrees, and realizes the issues between her and Marge run deep, and are beyond fixing at this point.

Tune in next week when the focus is back on Siggy as the drama in Milan continues!

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