Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s Marriage On the Rocks After Jenelle Gushes Over Ex Kieffer Delp On #TeenMom2 Special!

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MTV walked viewers down Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ romantic past in Jenelle The Ex-Files — but did the messy rewind mess with her marriage?

MTV aired the romantic mishmash on Monday night, and Jenelle narrated the walk down memory lane. Jenelle’s ex lovers were interviewed and old clips were featured, as the crashed and burned relationships were revisited.

On Tuesday, the Facebook accounts of Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, revealed evidence of inner turmoil within the reality marriage. David’s Facebook profile revealed a “complicated” nod to his relationship with Jenelle, and Jenelle removed profile photos of herself with David on all her social media accounts.

The MTV star’s romantic past is tainted by drug/alcohol abuse, arrests, unplanned pregnancies, an abortion, and a pattern of chaotic upset. The show paid special attention to Jenelle’s past with Kieffer Delp — the ex-beau Jenelle called the “sweetest” of the bunch.

Jenelle and Kieffer both gave fond nods to their fiery past, and Jenelle admitted that she had to learn to let go of the drug laced love affair. Jenelle’s happy ending with David was only given a 4 minute look at the end of the special, after fans were treated to a lengthy Jenelle/Kieffer flashback.

What do you think is behind David and Jenelle’s social media tantrums? Could a blast from the past be causing trouble in paradise?

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