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#BlackInkCrew Dutchess Drags Sky’s Parenting After Fans Blast Her For Pulling Sky’s Son Into Their Beef!

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As Black Ink Crew fans know, the subject of Sky’s sons, whom she gave up for adoption as a teenager, is an emotional one.

Ceasar’s ex girlfriend Dutchess, has already used the situation against Sky but the show cast off took those insults to a disgusting low, when she invited Sky’s adopted 19-year-old son, Genesis, to conduct an interview with a ratchet blogger at her tattoo shop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Check out the interview below.

After the above interview aired, fans dragged Dutchess on social media.

On last Wednesday’s Black Ink Crew’s sixth season premiere, viewers witnessed Sky’s emotional reaction to the interview in realtime. Watch below. 

Adding fuel to the fire, Dutchess appeared on The Breakfast Club radio show today (Dec 13) and did not offer Sky an apology — instead she played victim and further slammed Sky’s parenting. Press play to listen to the interview below.

Do you think Dutchess is justified in pulling Sky’s son into their beef? Sound off in the comments!


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