#VanderpumpRules Brittany Cartwright ‘Embarrassed’ and Ready to Split With Jax Taylor Over Cheating Rumor!

Posted on Dec 11 2017 - 12:09pm by Nancy

Could Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor be donezo over a cheating scandal?

The bombshell rumor shattered his girlfriend’s world during Scheana Shay’s birthday party in the Vanderpump Rules season 6 premiere. Supposedly, Jax cheated with friend of Brittany and former co-worker, Faith  and the betrayal is just too much for the Kentucky native to handle. 

“I’m just, like, so embarrassed,” she says, in tears. “Do I have to call my mom and tell her Jax cheated on me with someone who I thought was a friend of mine?” Brittany confides to her neighbor Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

This is not the first time that she’s suspected Jax of stepping out on the relationship.
“I always had gut feelings that he’s done things plenty of times,” she explains. “I came home one time and there was fake eyelashes on the f–king counter.”
And this new cheating rumor has pushed Brittany to the brink and she’s ready to end the relationship.

“I bought a plane ticket. I’m going to Vegas because you know Cara, she lives there. I’m a single person and I’m going to act like a single person. And he’s going to regret the day that he f*cked me over.” 

According to Jax, he’s innocent and tries to prove his case by furnishing text messages involving Faith, but the gesture backfires and Brittany explodes!

Watch a snippet of the drama above and tune into Vanderpump Rules on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    Seriously, it is hard to feel sorry for Brittany since she’s gone “all Hollywood” with the boob job, the spin-off in Kentucky, etc. etc. etc. I suspect if her and Jax broke it off, she would NOT be hightailing it back to Kentucky but would stay in California.

  • Deanna777

    This fool was forewarned about Jax from several people. She chose not to believe them, and instead, thought she could change him. Jax’s eyes start wandering and he starts cheating when he is done with a relationship. Now, this crybaby wants to call mama and high-tail it back home because she can’t control him. Suck it up, Brit. You got new boobs and a chance to be on t.v. out of this deal, so stop whining!!

  • anonymous

    Oh girl be quiet please, you chose to stay with that dirty OLD fool. She knew all about him surprise suprise!

  • Wicked Cupcake

    No sympathy for this twat! She and her momma trolled Jax and got her noticed. Brittany is no wide-eyed innocent.

  • Chey

    Boo hoo girl bye. You uprooted your whole life for a slimy snake , Not feeling sorry for U at all

  • Uncool

    Fake news. She’s still with him. Fame ho.

  • Minx

    Brittany, got “Jaxed”.
    She was Warned.
    Her big Problem with this entire scenerio is that she was afraid to tell her Mother?
    What Mother would want their Daughter living with, dating or breathing the same air as Jaded..
    This Girl, has been blinded by ” Bravo-Bucks”..

  • Trixie

    But what if Jax changed? Hahahaha! Just kidding. Dude fucked his best friends girlfriend on the couch in next room. He gets off on that.

  • Dorinda’s Pajamas

    I hope Brittany got her HPV vaccine before she met and slept with Jax! Jax will never change. I think he has cheated on her, perhaps did sleep with Faith, but doubt he impregnated Faith. Faith is thirsty to be on tv and jealous she was a Surver before Brittany showed up at SUR as his new gf from Kentucky to meet LVP and possibly get a job there if she moves to L.A. Faith didn’t get as much air time as LaLa did and this is her chance now to use Jax.

  • Txtea

    Holy hell that pitch perfect/vanderpump rules commercial… that’s the real tragedy here ????

  • Maisey ???? ????

    Yeah, Honey…like anyone actuality believes you would return to Kentucky