RECAP: #90DayFiance David’s Daughter Exposes Him As A Drunk Cheater to Annie!

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90 Day Fiance is in the home stretch, and the drama is popping, as TLC bounces us around our favorite lovebirds. Will their stories end in holy matrimony?

Elizabeth and Andrei

The final countdown is on, so Elizabeth is headed to Miami to celebrate with her sister gal-pals. Andrei isn’t thrilled about the bachelorette bash, but Elizabeth has promised that strippers won’t be invited. Andrei is restricting his bride’s boozing and expects constant contact. A carload of screeching girls pick her up, and Elizabeth can’t wait to dance the night away. Andrei remains the hot topic amongst the group, and Elizabeth knows that the girls will likely push her to test Andrei’s limits. The gaggle is happy, because the old drunk Libby is making a comeback. The group arrives in Miami and decides to confiscate Elizabeth’s phone, informing her that they’re officially shoving Andrei out of the loop. Elizabeth is peeved — and the girls are obviously excited to see Andrei explode. They inform her that Andrei is a big controlling goon, but finally return her lifeline to her future husband.

Elizabeth is satisfied, and the ladies hit the nightclub to recover from their failed attempt at drama. Elizabeth cuts loose, and briefly veers into a trashy danger zone. We later learn that Andrei is annoyed, because communication was cut off for a couple of hours.

Elizabeth explains the phone drama, and Andrei isn’t amused by the buttinski sisters. Andrei digs for details, and Elizabeth reveals that she ledge danced, but in a classy way. Andrei reminds her that he wants a civilized wife, not a skanky showoff. Elizabeth resents the guilt trip, and is annoyed that her future hubby doesn’t trust her. 

David and Annie

Annie is getting acclimated to Kentucky, and is bracing herself to meet David’s kids in person. David’s children have no idea that he’s engaged, and his daughter, Ashley, is evidently a runaway bigmouth. Annie wishes that David would drop the bomb on his own, and is worried that his kids won’t react kindly to their engagement news. Ashley and brother, Jacob, appear, and both reveal that David is only a dodgy presence in their lives.

Ashley is clearly resentful, and immediately demands answers. David reveals that he’s engaged, and Ashley is mortified to hear that her father has snagged a child bride. Ashley slams him for being an absent father, and advises Annie to guard her uterus. Ashley has a heavy chip on her shoulder, and clearly wants to heave it hard at her father. David tells her to mind her own biz, and Ashley delivers a grand finale, dousing her deadbeat dad with a glass of water. Ashley appears heartbroken by her dad’s neglect, and fighting mad.

Annie is mortified, and wonders if she can hang in with this hot mess of a family. David later hopes that some alone time between Ashley and Annie will smooth things over, but Annie isn’t so sure. The gals meet, and Ashley has come ready to spill the tea. Ashley dishes that David is a shady cheater, who loves to booze it up and hang with hookers. Annie has to admit that this bit of news is a doozy, and Ashley declares that Annie needs to get lost, unless she wants a full-time maid/cook position. Annie doesn’t know who the liar is, and Ashley appears proud to be in the running.

Molly and Luis

We join Luis, who is ecstatic to be dumping the kids to have alone time with his bride. Molly excuses his gross televised behavior on homesickness, and admits that his relationship with the children is struggling. The couple takes off on their own, and Molly tries to cheer him up with vacation memories. Molly bribes Luis with lots of time without the children, if he would just get it together and act happy. Luis threatens to run back home, manipulatively playing with Molly’s nerves. It works, and Molly seems desperate to hang onto the loser. Luis tells the camera that his perfect life doesn’t include Molly or her jabbery kids. Luis continues to tease her with with threats, and Molly finally admits that Luis feels trapped, and skittish about the marriage. Molly reminds him that she and her kids are a package deal, but Luis reminds her that he wants nothing to do with her kids. Molly thinks that all they need are patience and time, but Luis is tired and over it.

Molly is disappointed, and finally seems to be facing the obvious truth. The next day, Molly comes hime from work fuming, distressed that she’s set to marry a man who doesn’t love or even like her kids. She finally gets real and confronts Luis, much to his amusement. Molly unloads her concerns, upset by Luis’ obvious disconnect. Luis has lost interest, and the American honeymoon has crashed. Luis blames her attitude on her monthly visit, and adds that her home is godless. Molly is confused, but  Luis continues to shade her decor as discount witchy. Molly doesn’t know what’s happening, and blasts him for being an overly candle-sensitive a-hole. Luis spins Molly into a hysterical dither, and threatens to call off the wedding. Molly returns his ring, and orders his skittish butt out of her house.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole is on her last day in Morocco, and their tumultuous romance hangs in the balance. TLC rewinds some of their greatest hits, allowing us to relive Nicole’s thuggery and Azan’s sleepy reactions. Nicole still has high hopes, because Azan’s standards are as lazy as her exercise schedule. Azan decides that he trusts her kinda-sorta, because he really wants to see America. Nicole can’t wait for Azan to arrive, and Azan can’t wait to take on the U.S. Azan’s auntie wishes the couple well as she waves goodbye to Nicole, advising Azan to strive for lots of patience, because he will surely need it. The lovebirds travel to the airport and say their final farewells. They regret their blowups, and Azan is sorry to see May go. Nicole isn’t so sure that the visa process will be successful, and Azan admits that their second shot at happiness was a semi-failure.

Evelyn and David

Evelyn and David are recovering from the dodged on-camera sex talk, and pass the time by chatting about the snoozy New Hampshire scenery. David feels betrayed, and wonders if his fiance might love TLC cameras more than him. David is worried that he can’t trust his future wife’s big yapper, but they eventually agree that virginity is complicated, and call it a day. Evelyn shares that she nailed down an apartment, but David isn’t thrilled that it’s located close to her parents. David agrees to look, because the price is right.

Josh and Aika

Josh and Aika visit a fertility doc, to analyze their chances of getting knocked up with a vasectomy and thirty-something eggs. Aika reveals that she didn’t know about the snip job for the first month of their romance, but doesn’t explain why she didn’t cut and run. It isn’t looking great, but after the doc checks out Aika, she determines the her eggs are still kicking, but numerically low. Josh is delighted that he can blame Aika for the issue. The doc advises IVF, but Aika is discouraged, and worried that she may be getting married for no reason. Josh is concerned that the news has shaken his bride. The pair plays a round of the blame game, and Aika half-wins. Aika drops that she might pick up a new legit sperm donor, which hits a nerve. They tell each other to eff off, and Josh storms out, angrily sipping his frappuccino The couple eventually attempts a truce, and Josh agrees to do whatever necessary to impregnate Aika’s stubborn eggs.

Next week, a two part finale wraps the dishy series — don’t miss it!


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