RECAP: ‘Married to Medicine’ Mariah Returns And Heavenly Blames Quad For Her Marriage Issues!

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Friday night’s episode of Married to Medicine kicks off with day two of the “Black Girl Magic” trip in the Big Easy. The ladies are simultaneously having breakfast — in suite #1, Jackie and Simone have a mini pow-wow with Toya about her inappropriate timing with sensitive topics — in particular, the way she put Quad on the spot about her freaky times with her husband. Over in suite #2 — Contessa, Heavenly and Quad exchange pleasantries while eating breakfast. Surprisingly, Heavenly is behaving cordial to the newbie.

The group ventures out on a swamp tour. In route to watch gators play, Toya gets the party started with tequila shots. But it appears she may have had one too many because when she exits the party bus, she falls flat on her big ass. But luckily for her — “she gets it” (big ass) from her mama and all that extra seat cushion softens the blow. While the swamp tour is underway, back at the hotel, Toya’s surprise has arrived. Yes hunty — Queen Mariah is back to reclaim her crown! 

When the ladies return to the hotel, the first to greet Mariah is Toya, Jackie and Simone. And while Toya clearly misses her old pal, it’s evident that the other two are feeling some type of way. “Lucifer himself has manifested as Mariah,” Jackie shades Mariah in a talking head confessional. Jackie seems more mad with Mariah than she is with her cheating husband Curtis. Very odd! According to Simone, there is some unresolved tension between Mariah and the circle of friends. A flashback of last season’s reunion is shown and Simone and Jackie are still harboring very strong feelings about petty bs.

Over in Quad, Heavenly and Contessa’s suite, Heavenly is suffering from “foot in the mouth” disease during a heated discussion about their blessings. Heavenly is in rare form — with tears in her eyes, she talks about how “blessed” they all are. Quad agrees and says her blessings were ordained from God. Heavenly reminds Quad that her husband, Dr. Gregory, is one of those blessings — and he’s the reason she has “xyz.” Quad disagrees and brings up that she feels unappreciated in her marriage. Heavenly then drags Quad by blurting out that maybe Dr. Gregory is mad at her because she won’t give the almost 50-year-old man a baby. Oh Lord! All hell breaks loose and Contessa snaps at Heavenly for making the inappropriate remark. She tells her to stay out of Quad’s uterus. As Contessa continues to take up for Quad, Heavenly turns and tells the newbie to “shut up!” But Contessa has had enough and goes off! She yells, “Shut the f*ck up,” and lets the dentist know that she can “dish it but can’t take it,” and to never comment on another woman’s fertility. 

Then Mariah, along with Toya, Jackie and Simone come busting through the door — “Surprise!” Heavenly runs over and gives Mariah a fake hug after getting her ass handed to her by Contessa. As things quiet down, Contessa informs the ladies that she got into it with Heavenly and this is a tough group to navigate. Then out of nowhere, Toya snaps because everyone is having a “lack of reaction,” to Mariah’s presence. It must be the alcohol because Toya’s knee-jerk reaction makes no sense and has her looking a little nutty. 

Meanwhile in the ATL, all the husbands sans Mariah’s husband, Aydin, meet for drinks and cigars. Dr. Gregory is just as stressed about his marriage as much as Quad. He seeks advice from the men. When the topic switches to kids, Dr. G is feeling left out because his wife refuses to have a baby. 

Back in NOLA, Contessa has reached her breaking point with Heavenly and is ready to pack her bags and leave. Contessa explains to the ladies that she can’t tolerate Heavenly’s constant mean girl attacks and immature behavior. Over in Heavenly’s room, Jackie explains to the dentist that her “truth” is too abrasive but doesn’t call her out on her behavior. Heavenly claims that she’s trying to change and feels she’s loss her temper with Contessa. At that same time, Contessa enters the room and Heavenly acknowledges her part in their beef and apologizes. Contessa reciprocates and returns an apology. 

The drama cools but not for long, because another round is brewing between Mariah, Simone and Toya, over how Toya handled Mariah’s entrance. Simone is frustrated and over Toya, so she pleads with Mariah to talk some sense into her. Mariah manages to tone Toya’s theatrics down and get her to understand that she can’t control the other ladies reactions.

Concurrently, Quad is pouring her heart out to Jackie about her rocky marriage. Quad explains that she’s disconnected and feels extremely neglected in her relationship. Quad whips out the waterworks as she describes all her struggles with Dr. G’s lack of connection to her heart. In the process, Jackie gains perspective on how Curtis feels in their marriage. 

As the evening winds down, the ladies hold a sexy pajama party that quickly turns into a Mariah bashing round-robin with Quad and Mariah facing off.


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