#RHOA RECAP: ‘FucK You!’ NeNe and Porsha’s Feud Explodes On San Francisco Girl’s Getaway!

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins at NeNe’s white party and we’re still in the middle of Kenya and Kim’s brawl. Kim loses it when Kenya reminds Kim that she offered sexual services from her daughter for John Legend tickets. In Kenya’s defense, she only turned up after Kim attacked her repeatedly over her “fake” marriage.

Kenya’s comment came after Kim tweeted: “@chrissyteigen So ur hubby in comin to ATL may 19 & kash is beyond obsessed with him. Who does brielle have to blow in order to meet him? LOL”

Kim goes ballistic and lunges at Kenya, she even flings her drink at her that shatters on NeNe’s coffee table. “You will not talk about my motherf**king daughter; that’s where you crossed a mother**king line,” Kim screams uncontrollably. Kroy runs into the scene to rescue his hysterical wife and he and Sheree rush a flustered Kim out the door. Back inside, Kenya talks about how crazy Kim is with Cynthia, Marlo and NeNe. Cynthia defends Kenya, “I never think it is a good idea to mention anyone’s kid however, I don’t think Kim was going to leave Kenya alone until she got a response. And she got one.”

Cynthia notes in a talking head confessional. NeNe also sides with Kenya, “I think Kim egged Kenya on,” NeNe admits. “I believe that kids are off-limits. But you can’t be posting stuff about your own child sucking d*ck and then be mad somebody else say she’s sucking d*ck.” But NeNe also makes the observation that Cynthia always has Kenya’s back.

Meanwhile, Sheree, Kroy and Kim run over to Porsha’s house (who lives up the street) to gossip about the fight and of course Kim lies twists the narrative to benefit her side.

The next day, Sheree aka the Bone Collector visits Kandi at her studio to bring her up to speed on the Kenya/Kim drama. Sheree extends her an invite to a San Francisco girls’ getaway. Sheree tells her about the guest list and while Kandi complains that her schedule is hectic, she’ll go to support Sheree.

Next, Cynthia and Noelle attend a cupcake-making session. Noelle updates her mom on her Charlotte move to be with some boyfriend, and much to Cynthia’s delight, she’s had a change of heart and won’t move. Cynthia fills Noelle in on her future stepdaddy — Will. She’s all giddy and glowing as she discuss her new love interest. The jury is still out about Mr. Smooth Operator. 

NeNe is at home with Gregg and explains how worried she is about his heart condition but she’s going on a girl’s trip. Gregg gives NeNe permission. 

Cynthia then pays Kenya a visit — her grandmother just passed away. This is terribly painful for Kenya since her biological mother abandoned her as a baby and her paternal grandmother stepped in to raise her. “She raised me since I was three days old. I’m losing my mother. She was 86. She had Alzheimer’s. I was the last one she would recognize.” “I just saw her last month. Right after Marc and I got married. He met her. When she saw him her whole face lit up. I know she waited until she knew that I had somebody to take care of me,” a tearful Kenya tells Cynthia.

Now that NeNe and Marlo have mend fences, Marlo drops by NeNe as she packs for the San Fran trip. NeNe has an impressive walk-in closet that mesmerizes Marlo. After all Marlo is the credit card fraud ATL queen of fashions. NeNe and Marlo scheme how to get Marlo on the trip, since Cynthia has Kenya’s back, Marlo will be NeNe’s wingman. NeNe brings Marlo up to speed on her feud with Porsha and Marlo asks permission to be cordial to Porsha

The ladies gather at the airport with a million pieces of luggage and they’re off! Once they get to San Francisco, the women kick off their fun with sex talk during the bus ride to the hotel. Porsha blurts out that she hadn’t had sex in five months. Then Sheree drops a bomb — she’s in love with a jail-bird named, Tyrone!! “We’ve been talking on the phone,” Sheree reveals. “We started going out before he went in.” She then claims she had no clue he went to prison. But NeNe’s not buying that for a second. Kandi applauds Sheree for opening up to all the women, considering she’s very private. 

After everyone takes a disco nap — it’s dinner time. The women meet for a rooftop dinner that Sheree organized. Marlo surprises everyone when she strolls through the door. “I don’t remember giving NeNe a plus one,” Sheree mentions. Then fireworks explode after Sheree makes a shady toast about an elephant in the room — and that elephant is NeNe not inviting Porsha to her white party. “There is an elephant in the room. Porsha wasn’t invited to your party,” Whitfield said to Leakes. “Some of the stuff you talked about was stupid and petty.” NeNe then quickly rips into Porsha, “Porsha said to me, ‘The door is closed!”

“I want to know why you are angry at me,” Porsha questions NeNe. “Seems like you are more angry with me. You are upset,” NeNe replies. Then NeNe shades Porsha about her anger management and Porsha replied that NeNe also needs the same therapy. NeNe slams Porsha with — “You took food off Phaedra’s plate. She’s the only one that don’t have a job. I didn’t bring your ass here. I helped you to stay here. Remember this is the same girl who got into a fight with Kenya and I was at her side. You’re going to go on Dish Nation and talk that bullsh*t. You talk sh*t every day on your job.” NeNe points out. As fans know, Porsha physically attacked Kenya during the season six reunion.

Porsha asks “What did I say?” NeNe shouts, “Roll your tapes back. Roll em back. Every time you do an interview you got my name in your mouth!” and “I never called and tried to get you mother f*cking fired,” NeNe insists. “I’m the only b*tch that had your f*cking back!”

In a talking head confessional, Kandi reminds us that she’d had Porsha’s back.

“F*ck you!” NeNe screams at Porsha, as the two trade cuss words back and forth.

Tune in next week when NeNe spills the tea about Sheree’s jail-bird lover.


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