RECAP: #90DayFiance Nikki Explodes After Learning Chris Is Financially Responsible For Annie For 10 Years!

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The days are ticking down on 90 Day Fiance — which couples will edge closer to the altar?

Molly and Luis

We kick off the episode with Molly, who’s annoyed with Luis, because he ditched their plan and bachelor-partied way past curfew. She tries to wake up her sleepy lover — who is sleeping off a stripper hangover. Luis finally regains consciousness, informing us that he had just experienced his first “fun day” in America. He joyfully gushes about “doing so many things” with the dancers, including throwing away lots of Molly’s money. Molly isn’t taking his alarming euphoria personally, because a three month altar sprint can be stressful. Luis just wants more “days off,” because Molly’s family babble bores him to death. Luis isn’t sure that he’s ready to wed, and is nervous.

We later join the family for an ice cream outing, which Molly hopes will fix Luis’ pathetic parenting skills. Little Kensley spills ice cream all over the place, but Luis ignores the situation, refusing to help out. Molly scolds Luis, who laughs off her need and taunts her child. Molly reminds him that life is more than ice cream and strippers, and that she was hoping to marry a man, not an obnoxious boy.


David and Annie

We check in with David and Annie, who are meeting up with Chris and Nikki to discuss the drunken smackdown with Nikki’s brother, Antonio. David reminds us that he’s still on the wagon until the wedding. The couples chitchat about David and Annie’s happy day out, and David slips in a tardy apology. Nikki isn’t pleased, and nails David for being an all-around drunk. David doesn’t believe that he has a problem, but Annie votes team Nikki. David reiterates his commitment to temporary sobriety, but Nikki warns him that he’s swung his second strike.

Nikki later takes Annie out for a girls night, and declares that David is a broke loser. Nikki busts David in a lie about where the water buffalo cash came from, before Annie drops her own  bomb. Chris is co-sponsoring Annie’s visa process, and if David can no longer fulfill his deadbeat role, Chris will have to step in and take responsibility — for ten years.

Nikki later confronts the men with the financial shocker, and orders David to get his wide butt to Kentucky and get a job. David blames Chris for selling him a bill of goods, but promises that he will drag Annie into Kentucky suburbia asap. Nikki and Chris have set him up with a place and a car, and Chris is confident that David will come through. Nikki isn’t buying it, and is worried about Annie getting knocked up with another expense. The couple hotfoots it to Kentucky — Annie’s American fantasy hanging in the balance. Chris is providing a temporary home, which at first glance looks like an abandoned garage. The place is underwhelming, but the price is right. 


Elizabeth and Andrei

Andrei is bracing himself, because a golf date with Elizabeth’s father is on the schedule. Chuck wants to get to know Andrei, and plans to get some questions answered. Chuck is concerned that Andrei won’t be able to provide a luxurious lifestyle for his daughter, but Andrei isn’t concerned, because he’s young and able. Chuck is bugged that he didn’t seek his blessing for the proposal, but Andrei claims that he did attempt long distance communication. Chuck tells Andrei that disregarding his opinion means no wedding cash. Andrei takes the decision in stride, but is concerned. The couple later talks money, and Andrei nudges Elizabeth towards a discount  rush to the altar, so he can get a job. Elizabeth is disappointed that her mountaintop dream day is being crushed, but will settle for quickie perfection, until her dad comes around. The budget ceremony will go down in two weeks. Elizabeth’s family is less than thrilled, but her mom and sis agree to a dress shopping excursion. Her family is anxious about the rush job, but Elizabeth scores a nice dress that excites the group. They push her to admit doubts, but she has none. The couple later commits to a pretty outdoor venue, and Elizabeth spills about last week’s sister ambush. Andrei doesn’t appreciate being tested by her trashy clan, and wants them all to go kick rocks.


Evelyn and David

Evelyn’s story begins with an awkward sex convo between Evelyn and her  mother. Evelyn is scared, and is worried about getting naked with a smile on her face. Her mother assures her that doing the deed is a thing of beauty, which Evelyn finds weird. Evelyn reveals that David is prudish about sex talk, and her mother assures her that he’s wrong to shut her up. Evelyn and Mikayla later go lingerie shopping, hoping that a hot nightie will calm Evelyn’s wedding night jitters. They wander through a maze of senior  sleepwear, before finally stumbling upon some scandalous pink undies. Evelyn is stressed, and Mikayla wishes that David would ease her friend’s anxiety.

Evelyn wishes that David would lighten up, and be open to more taboo discussions. Evelyn later prepares some quesadillas at her fiance’s pad, but doesn’t know how to cook up some juicy sex talk. David is annoyed   when Evelyn brings up the subject, blasting her attempt at communication. Evelyn is worried that her future hubby is a bossy prude, and later reveals that he said “crazy things” to her in the heat of the argument. Are these lovebirds in trouble?


Nicole and Azan

We join Azan, who reveals that he’s over it, and wants Nicole on the first plane back to America. Nicole doesn’t respect his culture or his family, plus she really packs a punch when she gets mad. Azan wants off the crazy train, but Nicole doesn’t want to leave on bad terms. Nicole hates being ignored and feels alone, but Azan knows that the more they talk, the worse it gets. Nicole’s infidelity and showy abuse is unacceptable, so Nicole promises to just shove him around away from his family. Azan tells her to get it together, especially for her daughter. Nicole isn’t sure if Azan will keep the visa ball rolling, but Azan strangely decides yes — asking for another helping of crazy. Nicole later chats with her mom, who is concerned that Azan might not be ready to be a night shift father. Nicole blames their problems on her unstable volume, but leaves out her habitual thuggery. Azan later consults with his aunt about his predicament, who points out that their chaotic dynamic is a problem. She shares about her own experience with marriage, but Azan is worried that he might not get so lucky in America.


Josh and Aika

Josh knows that Aika wants babies, but now needs to talk her off the ledge.  Aika stupidly marked an American who had been snipped, and the couple is evidently reenacting their spawn showdown for TLC cameras. Josh reminds her that he was fixed ages ago, but Aika continues to ramble on and on about the next to impossible. Having red white and blue babies was her “whole goal,” vasectomy or not. Josh has an uphill climb, because Aika wants sperm action or she’s outta there.

Next week, it’s the moment of truth for Nicole and Azan, Annie meets David’s kids, and Molly finally flips on Luis. Don’t miss it!


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