RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Quad’s Marriage Hits a Breaking Point and Her Husband Explodes!

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Friday night’s episode of Married to Medicine kicks off with Dr. Jackie busy working at her OBGYN practice. She shares that since Curtis’ affair, she’s coping by keeping her mind occupied with work. The doc explains that she’s the heartbeat of her practice and her focus is healing patients. But while Dr. Jackie would rather not have her private life bleed into her professional — one of her patients offers unsolicited advice about the affair and the agony of public scrutiny sets in.

We next join Toya and her hubby Dr. Eugene on a picnic outing in the park — Toya is concerned about Eugene’s masturbation routine cutting into their love-making schedule. Eugene recognizes that he’s “married to the medicine” first but wants his second wife to know he misses hanging out with her. Toya connects her fears about infidelity to Eugene’s masturbating to porn instead of having sex with her. She ties her cheating dad’s ways to Eugene’s masterbating but he reassures her that her childhood is not her present — and he’s not going anywhere.

Over at Quad and Dr. G’s house, she’s experimenting with new recipes for her upcoming romantic cookbook, “Romance on The Table.” As they sit down to feast on chilean seabass and Mexican corn, Quad brings up Curtis’ cheating and a debate ensues. Quad is animated and feels Curtis was wrong to step out on his marriage, while Dr. G feels Curtis wasn’t being fulfilled at home and gives the cheater a pass. Quad gets angry and storms off the table — romance on the table over.

The convo then turns heavy when Quad tells Gregory that’s he’s disconnected from their marriage and she’s feeling neglected. He explains that he does appreciate her but he’s working to sustain a lifestyle for them and he pays ALL the bills. Quad becomes hostile about Gregory’s lack of awareness and control over the household purse strings. This fires Dr. G up and he snaps — “I have been taking care of you since the day I met YOU!” he screams at his wife. A frustrated Dr. G yells that he understands how a man can cheat when he’s not getting what he needs at home, then slams the door and speeds out of the driveway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Simone and Cecil are rehashing issues in their stormy marriage. Simone tells him that she shared some of their marital problems with the ladies and the feedback is — Cecil is a good guy. He agrees, and that lights a fire under Simone. The convo quickly escalates as Simone launches into a list of Cecil’s faults. She compares him to a two-faced politician and accuses him of not owning his part. Cecil feels Simone does not own up to anything either and they bicker back and forth. Simone accuses Cecil of criticizing her constantly. Cecil disagrees, he feels their issue stems from growing apart. He breaks down how they no longer spend time together and Simone points out that Cecil does the same. The two can’t compromise on anything, so Simone jumps up and walks off.

The next day, Simone and Jackie meet for lunch. Jackie catches Simone up on the status of her relationship with Curtis since she asked him to leave the marital home. Jackie explains that Curtis has been gone for 6 weeks and he wants to work things out but she’s not ready. Simone thinks Jackie (and the women) all need a break from their ailing relationships, so she’s planned a girl’s trip to New Orleans. But will she include everybody?

Across town at Heavenly’s house, she’s packing for the NOLA trip while telling her 11-year-old daughter about the details of her broken friendship with Toya. Her daughter advises her to apologize to Toya and not be stubborn but Heavenly needs to pray on it. Whatever happened to a child staying in a child’s place?

Over at Dr. Contessa’s house, she fills her nanny (who’s more like her mama) in on the drama with Heavenly. Ms. Renee sips on bubbly and tells Contessa to bring out her inner “Dr. Gangsta B*tch” — on a b*tch! Ms. Renee also directs her to wear something sexy.

As Simone prepares for the trip, Cecil walks in on her packing. He’s not pleased since Simone failed to communicate her girl’s getaway with him. He thinks a trip at this volatile time in their marriage is a bad idea but gives his blessing. 

The ladies all gather at the airport and they’re off! Simone says that they’re bringing “black girl magic” to NOLA and the festivities begin with Ciroc shots on the party bus to the hotel. The ladies arrive at the hotel and there are two suites — one is named “Lucifer” and it’s equipped with a stripper pole. Contessa arrives, and Heavenly immediately throws shade at the new girl. The ladies change clothes and hit Bourbon street for some fun and drinks. 

At a local restaurant, Toya brings up her issue with Eugene’s preference to KY and porn instead of thumping her with his 400 pounds of blubber. She tells the ladies that her needs are not being met and explains her eyes do wonder from time to time. Toya then turns to Quad and asks how often does she get the D from Dr. G and Quad declines to comment. Quad’s face says “Sex? What’s that?” This turns Toya off and she tells her that she’s not going to continue to share her marital issues with anyone that’s guarded.

The convo switches gears to the new girl’s comfortability within the group. Simone tells Contessa to be herself and gives the newbie permission to “pop off” on anyone — need be. Heavenly immediately chimes in and tells Contessa, “Don’t pop off on me!” Contessa labels Heavenly hyper-sensitive and makes it clear that she hates a passive-aggressive bitch girl. Toya jumps in and asks Heavenly what’s a line crosser for her. Heavenly responds — someone who blatantly lies.

Toya reminds Heavenly that she lied on her when she called her “messy” at Jackie’s fitness event. Initially, Heavenly defends her immature antics but eventually takes her daughter’s advice and apologizes to Toya. Toya accepts Heavenly’s apology and another round of Hurricanes are ordered to go and the “black girl magic” continues on!

Tune in next week when Mariah Huq makes her grand debut in NOLA!


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