#90DayFiance Antonio Ticer Exposes ‘Fake Lying’ Annie As a Thief and Cheating User!

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David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan’s 90 Day Fiance ride has been a sleepy one — until Antonio Ticer busted onto the scene!

Antonio is the brother-in-law of side character, Chris Thieneman David’s best pal and top financial supporter. During the last episode of the TLC hit, Antonio put the shady romance on blast — and strongly advised Annie to take a hard look at her messy relationship. 

“He disrespected the f**k out of you,” Antonio said during the episode. “I don’t know nothing about Thai culture and how you all do things when it comes to relationships, but here if a woman f**king disrespected me like that, it’s not gonna be a relationship.”

“You can’t change anything he’s not ready to do, and right now he’s not ready. How can you be ready to marry him?” Antonio asked.

Viewers know that a boozed-up David soon entered the picture, mouthing off that Antonio wanted to “f*ck” Chris.” The inappropriate jab incited an incensed verbal snap-back from TLC’s newest scene-stealer.   

“Take your ugly a** back outside, you ugly a** b!tch,” Antonio shouted. “You f**king ninja turtle penguin Batman a** b!tch!”

“He’s nobody. So, I’m sorry, have a higher standard for yourself, especially if you feel like you deserve better. He already coming at you old, divorced, got kids he don’t f**kin’ give a f**k about or don’t care about,” Antonio ranted to Annie. “Why the f**k do you wanna be with somebody like that? You young and vibrant, you don’t need that! Period. Point blank. He’s a sorry bitch!”

David and Annie hadn’t seen anything yet — because Antonio saved his best material for Facebook, slamming the couple in real time. Antonio sounded off during and after the episode, sharing his reaction to TLC’s take on the drama.

David and Annie storyline was beyond boring, this was the highlight if their scenes…i am very honest in how i feel and The reason i was in their “business” was only because a lot of things were said in disrespect towards me that night, ive been nothing but nice to David and Annie… but him being drunk is an excuse he’s an asshole and ive known this about him for years….”

He also alleged that TLC had pulled an editing whammy, and wiped out his seemingly colorful interaction with Annie. 

“I am not pleased with the editing of this episode because i let annie have it! She is full of lies and is a complete “user” just like david….i told her about herself too but the show edited it out,” Antonio wrote.

Antonio bashed Annie as a “fake lying thief” on Facebook, and claimed that the reality bride had been a prostitute in Asia.

Antonio spilled more tea in the comment section.

“She only wants financial gain for her family she saw how good Chris was supplying for him and assumed that its how it would always be”

“Annie also stole money from [Antonio’s sister] Nikki..”

“Literally her and David both full of shit..”

“Annie also had another guy that she was talking to while talking to David at the same time.” 

Facebook briefly suspended Antonio for throwing such fierce shade — but we can only hope that his time in the TLC spotlight isn’t over!

Tune into 90 Day Fiance, Sunday night, at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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