#RHONJ RECAP: Parolee Teresa Giudice Has A Violent Outburst Amid Accusing Dolores of Betrayal!

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Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey picks back up at Siggy’s women’s empowerment retreat. The ladies are gathered on the palatial grounds for a traditional role-playing therapy session. Siggy and Margaret go first. Margaret dramatically delivers her best Siggy impression, while Danielle, Teresa and Melissa cackle like hens from the sideline. Siggy brushes it off, and comes back by reflecting on Marge’s dismissive attitude about the cake toss. Siggy explains that Marge’s “Soggy Flicker” taunt brought back horrible bullying memories from her childhood. They both apologize, hug it out, and hopefully bury the drama.

Melissa and Siggy take center stage next — and Melissa is rehearsed and ready to go. Melissa wants to nail Siggy for putting her on blast in front of her party guests. Melissa reenacts the scene where Siggy asked her guests to weigh in on the drama. Melissa believes that Siggy was relentless, and overly pastry-sensitive. Siggy reiterates that her hurt feelings were valid, and throwing a gifted cake is unacceptable. The ladies have a legit come-to-Jesus breakthrough and they also hug it out.

Danielle and Teresa enter the circle next. Teresa‘s “prostitution whore” jab from several seasons ago is evidently a festering sore for the reinvented mother of two. As she musters up some dry tears, Danielle explains that despite the duo being in a good place now, the whole traumatic incident hurt her deeply and affected her kids. Teresa is apologetic, and wishes she could take back her spot-on description. The epic table flip scene stands as Bravo’s most iconic — but Teresa assures viewers that she’s sorry nonetheless. Teresa agrees to apologize to the prostitution whore’s daughters, and manages to keep a straight face. 

Back down the NJ Turnpike, we join Joe Gorga and his niece, Milania, racing go-karts and sharing some stand-in daddy/daughter time. Joe wants to connect with Milania — because she’s an innocent child of jailbird parents, and being haunted by her dead grandma (Nonna). He reassures his niece that it’s ok to express her emotions over her Nonna’s death, and reminds her that Uncle Joe is there to support.

We hop back to the empowerment retreat, where hosts, Siggy and Vikki Ziegler, have gathered the group for a deeper emotional dive exercise. Margaret speaks first — and talks about a painful family dynamic involving her three step-kids from her previous marriage. Her new marriage is a product of an affair, and her ex’s children have not spoken to her in years. Teresa speaks up next. She brings up her dysfunctional marriage to her jailed husband, Joe GiudiceTeresa admits that she has a lot of resentment toward him for being a drunken fraudster, and for not apologizing for sending her to the slammer. It’s Dolores’ turn next, and she breaks the flow by keeping her private biz to herself, only offering an invite to her upcoming dog charity event.

The retreat is a wrap, and the women return home. The next day, Teresa pays Siggy a visit at her home and the topic of Joe is discussed. Teresa admits that she hasn’t visited her husband in prison lately — three months to be exact. Siggy comforts her — the relationship expert encourages Teresa to let her walls down and express her feelings about her “tough” situation. 

Later that week — the ladies meet up at Dolores’ dog rescue event. The women seem to be getting along cordially, but it’s hard to miss the scowl on Danielle’s face, every time Siggy and Margaret interact. While Danielle and Margaret scamper off to gossip, Melissa stirs the pot by telling Siggy that Danielle feels that Siggy’s reconciliation with Marge was disingenuous and only done for show. Meanwhile in huddle #2, Danielle tells Marge the exact same thing, warning her to be cautious of Siggy. Pot meet kettle, Danielle? Over in the other gaggle — Siggy shrugs off Melissa’s gossip, explaining that she doesn’t give a sh*t what Danielle thinks. Dolores mentions that she’ll be attending Kim D’s upcoming Posche fashion show, to benefit the victims of a horrific double murder involving her son’s friends. Melissa and Teresa are appalled, because they have bad blood with Kim D. and don’t feel their “friends” should attend.

We next sit in on a meeting between Melissa and Marge, in Margaret’s Macbeth Collection showroom. Marge offers up business advice, and invites Melissa to Italy for inspiration. 

Across town, Dolores and Siggy meet up at Kim D’s Posche boutique. They will model in the show, and prep for the event by trying on outfits, practicing their runway struts, and spilling some  tea!

Kim drops a doozy when she tells the ladies that according to word on the street, Teresa is creeping behind Joe’s back with an “old flame.” The news shocks Dolores and Siggy, who are now faced with the tough task of telling Teresa about Kim’s dishy report.  

Later that evening — Siggy, Dolores, Teresa, MelissaMargaret, and Danielle all meet for dinner and the shit quickly hits the fan! After cordial formalities and invitations to Milan are shared — tensions rise when Siggy announces that she and Dolores will walk in Kim D’s Posche fashion show. Siggy’s admission sets Melissa off, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Melissa rants about all the “horrible” things Kim D. has put her through, before things take an even uglier turn. Dolores spills Kim D’s tea about Teresa canoodling with a side piece and the cast explodes on Dolores

Dolores nails a talking head confessional when she reminds viewers about Teresa and Kim D. spreading rumors about Melissa’s alleged stripper past. Siggy tries to cool things down, reminding the ladies that she didn’t encourage any one of them to turn against Marge during their feud. Margaret responds with a horrendously insensitive remark, “Siggy….Hilter would not have killed me.” Say what?

Then the criminal mastermind cross-examines Dolores — Teresa accuses her old friend of not defending her honor. Margaret and Danielle join the gang-bang and accuse Dolores of not sticking up for Teresa. Melissa demands Dolores pick a side — “We don’t live in Switzerland,” Melissa shouts. 

Dolores tries to defend her loyalty to Teresa and says, “Teresa…If it’s true [the affair]…Not that it IS true..” The freudian slip lights a fire under Teresa’s tail, and the paroled felon violently smashes a wine glass against a brick wall — a la Lisa Rinna in Amsterdam. ‘Not F*cking True!’ Teresa roars at Dolores. The screaming banshee stands up and points her finger in Dolores’ face and screams, “YOU SHOULD HAVE STUCK UP FOR ME…!!!” while dropping f-bombs left and right.

The whole table erupts and a volatile shouting match between Teresa and Dolores shakes the walls. Mortified restaurant patrons gawk at the ghetto spectacle, and Danielle exacerbates the incendiary situation by dramatically bellowing, “The line in the sand has been drawn — have a nice time ladies,” as Siggy and Dolores make a mad dash for the exit.

Back in the restaurant — a pissed-off Teresa plots to ambush Kim D. at her fashion show and commissions her soldiers MelissaMargaret, and Danielle to roll with her.

Tune in next week when Teresa and her posse crash the Posche Fashion show and confront Kim D. in an explosive showdown!


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