#RHOC Peggy Sulahian Weighs In On Vicki Gunvalson Extending Her Hand to Shannon!

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Peggy Sulahian mixed it up on her rookie season of the Real Housewives of Orange County  the wife and mother tackling a rough reality on the Bravo stage.

Peggy is closing the chapter by weighing in on her most challenging cast relationships, in her Bravo blog. Peggy and Shannon Beador had a mixed bag connection — and now Peggy shares her thoughts about Shannon’s “reactive” Season 12 ride.

“The funny part is when Shannon says, “I’m old school, and I have manners, and those manners flew out the flippin’ door, this year.” Well, that explains all that I experienced with her. If “manners out the flippin’ door” is her explanation of why she “reacted” that way with everyone, then I must accept it.”

Kelly Dodd’s loose lips collided with an especially sensitive time in Peggy’s life. Peggy writes that all is forgiven after Kelly’s sobered-up apology. 

“And I accepted Kelly’s sincere apology about my father, which, I apparently should have kept in context. I know I’d told her about his passing, but my emotions prevented me from thinking clearly. I accepted her apology because she was so sincere. I don’t think Kelly can be anything other than sincere because she is so emotive. Her demonstrative behavior exposes her true nature, and what you see is what you get.”

Peggy notes that she appreciated Lydia McLaughlin and Vicki Gunvalson’s reunion support, before weighing in on the post-season makeup shocker. 

“Tears flowing and emotions gushing while apologies were swirling all around, with Tamra and Vicki apologizing to each other promising not to be unkind and hugging. Oh too sweet — I think we were all smiling and tearing up. But Vicki extending her hand to Shannon was beautiful. Wow, wow, wow! Never would I have thought that I would see Vicki sitting near Shannon and holding her hand! That in and of itself was miraculous.”

What do you think about Peggy’s first season on RHOC? Would you like to see her return — or should Bravo make their hundredth housewife a one and done?


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