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#RHOC RECAP: Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Tearfully Reconcile During Reunion!

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Welcome back to the part two conclusion of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. Can I get a woo-hoo, they did it in two! The ladies are returning from a break to face Andy Cohen’s penetrating questions. Flashbacks are shown of Shannon’s season long erratic behavior. Good times. Shannon then accuses Lydia of using her craziness to make herself relevant. Andy asks the other women if they think Shannon owes them an apology, as well. Peggy finally speaks up, because Diko’s not there to do it for her, and says she deserves an apology. Why? Because Shannon referred to Peggy as “that one” at Kelly’s volleyball beach party.  That was rude. Shannon should have called her “this one.”

It’s go-time for Meghan! She says Peggy is the one who is disrespectful, not Shannon so much. Case in point, when Peggy clipped Meghan’s mouth shut three times at her Lamborghini party. Peggy defends this action and gets an immediate earful from the ladies. Even Andy says don’t touch his lips – unless you’re Eddie – then it’s okay.

Next Meghan announces she’s one month pregnant with another of Jimmy’s Popsicles. It’s weird because no one reacts. They must think it’s a joke. But eventually everyone congratulates Meghan. Baby Aspen will be getting a baby brother. Andy asks Meghan what’s was up with her sucky friendship with Kelly this year. The mean girl texts are mentioned. When Meghan texted Kelly and asked if she was having an affair. Then a week later Kelly texted Meghan that Jim was having an affair. This sounds like tit for tat, but Meghan claims it’s different because Kelly’s text was malicious and her question was just seeking clarity? Meghan says to Kelly, Girl, why you so damaged? Nothing is resolved except Peggy resists the urge to clip the ladies’ lips.

Onto the cancer storyline of Peggy. One viewer called Peggy the Armenian Alexis Bellino, who lets her husband control her. Peggy says that in the beginning of their marriage Diko was controlling, but now knows Diko was just being supportive.

The official word on cancer is: Peggy says they found three millimeters of cancer in her breast, not sure which one, but there you have it. Consider the mystery solved. Peggy had a lot going on before she started filming with RHOC. Her father died four weeks prior and her breasts were removed six weeks prior – makes you wonder why Peggy agreed to this. And poor Diko, didn’t even get to film the reunion. Aww. Meghan feels Peggy played the cancer card this season, which is like saying Meghan played the baby card, only way worse. Peggy explains she was in denial at first about her cancer and had to dig down deep and admit she really did have it.

Let’s talk about Iceland! First question, when being taken to the hospital, why was Vicki completely covered by a blanket? Answer – because Peggy poured water all over Vicki’s head. And she wanted to go to the hospital with her? Vicki’s hair started frizzing and was as big as Bozo the Clown so somebody had the great idea of wrapping her like a mummy. Vicki admitted taking Adderall, Xanax and Nyquil. Andy asks why Vicki came back and started drinking after she was released. Vicki says she only had a couple of sips of champagne, maybe a glass and a half, and wasn’t drunk. As Lydia is explaining her feelings of being left out, a pesky fly interrupts. Thank you fly!

Peggy tells Andy that while the girls were getting drunk at the hotel after Vicki returned, they were laughing at her. The ladies deny this. Peggy explains that when she couldn’t get through to Kelly she thought it best to have Diko talk to Michael, because he has a better grasp on this thing called the English language. That’s when Kelly said the infamous, “I’ll have my daddy beat up your daddy” comment, totally forgetting Peggy’s father had recently passed away. Peggy accepts Kelly’s apology – again.

So about Meghan’s crying baby. Turns out, Peggy’s room wasn’t even next to Meghan’s, and yet Peggy had the nerve to tell Lydia that “giraffe neck” let her baby cry for ten whole minutes. Who’s the mean girl now? Andy then asks Peggy why she left Iceland early. Her response is, “I was in pain. Imagine opening your robe and you don’t see breasts there.” Which probably saddens Andy on a daily basis, but why go on a reality show and risk your physical and mental health if this is the case?

Flashbacks are then shown of the highs and lows of Vicki and Tamra’s friendship. Andy asks Lydia why she felt the need to stick her nose into their business besides desperately needing a storyline. Lydia says her best memories are laughing with Lucy and Ethel. Tamra asks Lydia if she would be okay with Vicki going after her marriage. Vicki denies going after Tamra’s marriage, but before we delve into this, Andy switches it up and asks Shannon why she inserted herself into Vicki and Tamra’s friendship. Duh. She was Tamra’s rebound friend.


Tamra tells Andy the very next day after Vicki called to set up a meeting to move on, she had her birthday party and invited Ricky who made the allegation about Eddie making out with a dude. Tamra compares inviting Ricky to a party – to her inviting Brooks to a party. Yuck, either way! Andy asks Tamra to explain why she told Vicki in Iceland she chose Brooks over her. Because Tamra never got the, I’m sorry, you were right, I was wrong, apology from Vicki. But Vicki makes up for it now and says everyone was “100% right.” The good news is, the petition to get Eddie to come out of the closet has been brought down from the internet. Whew!

Finally Andy hammers down on the gay Eddie rumors with Vicki. He points out that in interviews, her comments get worse and worse about Eddie. Vicki says Tamra called her homophobic and that’s not true. Vicki and Tamra call each other liars and Tamra sticks her fingers in her ears and says, la-la-la-la-la, proving they pulled her skin too tight for her facelift. Vicki tells Tamra lying isn’t a good look on her, to which Tamra responds, nothing looks good on Vicki.

Vicki walks off the set and announces she’s out, she’s not going back, she’s off the damn show, and they can eff themselves. Lydia goes to get Vicki and says rainbows and unicorns are dancing around. Back on the set, Vicki apologizes to Tamra and promises to never speak about her family again. Andy asks if there’s an apology in there for Eddie. Vicki apologizes to Eddie and says she wants to have tea with him – good one, Vicki! In return Vicki wants Tamra to promise never to mention Brooks and the cancer scam again. The two hug it out and then Vicki reaches out to Shannon and offers her a hug, too, though Shannon only goes through the motions – which is why she’s now single.

Vicki sits down on the couch between Tamra and Shannon. They are now Lucy, Ethel and Fred. Andy offers his best pop psychology and says they are in a beautiful place now. He offers the ladies Black Death from Iceland, they gag, and the season is over. Skal!

What do you think? Will Tamra and Vicki’s friendship last? Will Peggy return? And will Shannon and Kelly have the best storyline’s next season?


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