RECAP: #90DayFiance David’s Drinking Spirals and Nikki Wants To Kick Him Out!

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Relationships are tested and boundaries are shoved on this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance. Which couples are in trouble?

Molly and Luis

We begin the episode with Molly and Luis, who are discussing Molly’s father’s decision to shun their true love. Molly has tried to connect with her dad, who is evidently not interested in his daughter’s love shenanigans. Her brother knows that their dad might be a wedding no-show, and Luis believes that he’s a liar, and a possible racist. Luis doesn’t care if he shows or not, judgmentally knocking his future wife’s relationship with her father. It’s 23 days and counting, so Molly needs Luis to pitch in and help with the wedding plans. They sit down to discuss the challenge, but Luis has no idea how to contribute to the mega-extravaganza. Luis wants to cut the flash, and has no opinion on the details. Luis labels his upcoming bachelor party as a drunken day off, but Molly warns him to stay sober enough to keep it in his pants.

Molly reminds him of his babysitting duties, which Luis shades as a big drag. Luis openly admits that he has no interest in Molly’s daughter — which only amps the horror of this spectacle. Molly later hits the salon to touch up her roots, and talks openly about her concerns with her stylist. Molly continues to blame adjustment trauma, and worries that Luis really wants to run home. Luis continues to avoid wedding chatter, which Molly tries not to take personally. Luis complains about Kensley’s babbling, and the horror of waving goodbye to the single life. Molly continues to excuse him, blaming the red flag remarks on homesickness. Molly’s reality partner, Cynthia, makes an appearance to prep for her bachelorette bash, while Luis giddily heads out to a strip club. The gals take in a drag show, while Molly’s relatives accompany Luis to the strip joint. Luis needs to cut loose after his in-house jail stint, and doesn’t want the nudie euphoria to ever end. The episode ends with Luis and Molly bickering on the phone, and Luis strutting his hot pink bachelor shirt back into the club.


David and Annie

David and Annie are having family night with the Chris and Nikki to celebrate their first day in America. The food is impressive, but Annie becomes discouraged when David begins to spiral into drunken blather. Nikki’s outspoken brother, Antonio, encourages Annie to bitch about her boozy lover freely, and directs the couple to get honest and cut the crap.

Nikki points out that David and Chris are both in denial about David’s drinking, as Antonio continues his disciplinary monologue. David denies any problem, and decides to pass on Chris’ sobriety suggestion. David blurts out an offensive jab, and manages to insult almost the entire household. Antonio classifies David as a “sorry bitch,” noting that Annie deserves better. Nikki tells Annie that David should get help or get out, but kindly assures Annie that she can stay. David later sobers up, and rocks a gold medallion while offering a gold-studded apology to his bride.

Annie orders him to stay on the wagon until the wedding, and David reluctantly agrees. The couple tours Hollywood, making a noisy pitstop at a sex shop. They end their day of tourist joy on the beach, basking in the American  sunset.


Elizabeth and Andrei

Andrei continues to make the rounds with Elizabeth’s family — this week facing a sister/ sister-in-law gaggle. They’re tough bitches, but the ladies greet Andrei warmly. One of the gals tests Andrei with the million dollar girls-night-out challenge, aka a bachelorette bash in Vegas. Andrei vetoes the idea — immediately failing the test. Elizabeth loves Vegas, but understands that Andrei is a traditional kind of guy. The girls, who are clearly out for a bitchy smackdown with Andrei, complain that Elizabeth is changing. Elizabeth schools the audience on the difference between submission and compromise, while the other girls shade the ticking time bomb fakery behind her back. Elizabeth meets up with the girls later, who continue to whine about Andrrrrei. They want to head to Miami to whoop it up, and are pushing Elizabeth to submit to a strip club.


Evelyn and David

Evelyn is working to sell New Hampshire hard, and hopes that an apple picking field trip will do the trick. David wants to taste apples from around the world, because New Hampshire orchards are a big snooze. David is bored, and is passing the long hours by morphing into a giant douche. Brother Solomon gently points out that he’s being insulting, and Evelyn jabs David back when she shades him as an elitist. Evelyn is having doubts — and doesn’t appreciate being uprooted on a selfish whim. The family later takes David out for a Mexican dinner, and David’s snobbery continues to rear it’s obnoxious head. They discuss David’s precious sensibilities, as he offers another snotty analysis on their hometown. Evelyn’s parents are bugged, but patient.


Nicole and Azan

We join the unlikely lovebirds at Azan’s aunt’s house, in the middle of an argument. Azan tries to escape, and implies that another battle went down the night before. Nicole is peeved that Azan dodged communication to hang with his friends, and is furious that he’s freezing her out. Little May is within earshot of the tumultuous drama, but Nicole doesn’t appear concerned.  The couple argues over who is the worst human being, and Nicole claims the title — but only when triggered by Azan. Nicole tries to bully him into communication, and Azan tries to make another getaway. Nicole pushes him around like a rag doll, finally cornering him against a wall, demanding togetherness — or else. Nicole shows herself as a bonafide abuser — intent on manipulation and physical control. Nicole blames her decision to cheat as a game-changer — but viewers have probably just  witnessed the real reason.


Josh and Aika

We join Josh’s story in a mid-bitch session with doubting Joe. Josh doesn’t want to cough up a new ring, and Joe confirms that Aika’s jewelry demands are over the top. The two men banter about Aika’s flight threats, but Josh knows that a super special life with Aika might be worth the trouble. They agree that Joe needs more hang time with the new woman in his best pal’s life. Joe is worried, but Josh sees a happy ending. A firing range is chosen for the get-to-know-ya sesh, and Joe soon pulls Josh aside to dish dirt about his future wife. Joe, who is clearly loving the cameras, promises to deliver a spot-on “I told ya so,” but Aika dismisses his doubts, and tells him to mind his own biz.

Next week, Nicole and Azan hit the skids, and Aika and Nikki lay down the law.


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