Tiffany Hendra Drags Bravo — Calls the Network ‘Bottom Feeders’ and Trashes Andy Cohen In Explosive Rant!

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Go OFF Ms. Hendra! 

On Tuesday, Tiffany Hendra went for Andy Cohen’s jugular in an explosive rant and called out Bravo for exploiting ‘affluent’ women. The former RHOD star took to Facebook to get some things off her chest. 

“I’m getting texts and seeing FB posts that Bravo casting is looking for new women for Season 3 of RHOD” She starts her post.

Tiffany Hendra season 1 of RHOD

The 46-year-old doesn’t hold back when going after the network and Cohen.

“Bravo is a bottom feeder. People worship Andy Cohen,” the actress stated. “If you want to be famous and willing to jeopardize your marriage, family and brand/mission – go for it.”

As fans of reality TV know, at some point, every reality star’s past comes back to bite them in the backside. 

Tiffany continues: “He’s laughing at these women as he’s purchasing his next piece of NY real estate. Be mindful of who you worship!!! They are about exploitation and look for any crack to destroy you, your husband and your marriage for high ratings. ( I think most of the NY housewives have gotten divorced!) They will dig up ANYthing to use against you. It’s just fact! You are paid to fight. Period.” 

Tiffany’s tirade exposes a well known fact about the premises of reality television.

“You are paid to fight.” The Dallas native reveals in her statement. “Beautiful, affluent women fighting is just about the ugliest thing to witness. I can’t, I won’t be quiet about this. Bravo uses you and laughs at you … all the way to the bank. It’s just gross.”

Tiffany’s own porn past was exposed in the media during season one. Blogs exposed that Tiffany starred in an erotic drama series entitled, Black Tie Nights, in which she appeared partially nude in several scenes. 

Read Tiffany’s rant in full below.

Tiffany’s diatribe garnered an enormous amount of support from fans:

“I am proud of your bravery and authenticity Tiffany!” 

“Damn! That’s the Tiffany Hendra I know and love bearing it all.. as usual.kudos!!!”

“Kuddos to you for putting it out there! I’ve never understood when ladies would say their watching the “House Wives” cause I’ve never watched it so when I seen you were going to be apart of the RHOD I thought okay I like Tiffany so let me see what all the rave is. I loved how you were classy and true to YOU and the Hendra name (minus the drama once with LeeAnne. Along came season two and damn Gina was it trash or what! And you weren’t there! I wont be watching anymore cause I try not to feed my soul with that kinda stuff but I’m proud you are who you are and you staying true to YOU! No Benjamin is worth your soul!”

The actress later thanked fans for their overwhelming support. She wrote, “Thank you all for the support. I’m not seeking praise. I simply want women (and men) to be conscious of what they tolerate, celebrate, worship, idolize. I get it.. Bravo is mindless entertainment, to unplug, have a laugh, etc. but if it starts to shape your beliefs, mind, spirit in a negative way then tune out. Turn it off. Wake up!! Be mindful of what you watch, listen to, read, etc. This is a BIG part of what’s wrong with our society. The media is molding our beliefs. You are not sheep.”

At this time, it’s unknown what sparked Tiffany’s rage against her former employer but her best friend, LeeAnne Locken, was ambushed by Cohen and her co-star’s at the recent RHOD season two reunion.

LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra

Do you agree or disagree with Tiffany Hendra’s views on Andy Cohen and Bravo? Sound off in the comments!


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