Chelsea Houska’s Baby Daddy Adam Lind’s Meth Addiction Spirals As He Refuses Rehab!

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Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind’s downward spiral continues as his battle with drug addiction rages on.

Adam was caught with  amphetamines and methamphetamines (meth) in his system in April, failing a third court-ordered drug test. 

Reportedly the Teen Mom 2 dad is refusing to enter rehab, although urged by loved ones.

“He’s so far off the deep end.” Reports Radar. “that his friends can’t even be around him anymore.”

He’s allegedly been in sexual relationships with multiple women and uses them, “when he wants a fix.”

Adam Lind landed in hot legal water earlier this month, the baby daddy of Teen Mom 2 star, Chelsea DeBoer, arrested on November 2nd for domestic assault.

Adam was arrested on “simple assault domestic” charges, according to a police statement made to Radar Online. Adam, 27, was immediately jailed n the Minnehaha County Jail in South Dakota, until his case was heard the following day. He was released shortly after his court appearance. Who exactly was involved in the violent episode with Adam remains unclear.

Chelsea and Adam share an eight-year-old daughter, Aubree—the MTV mom remaining social media silent on the arrest. Adam also has a four-year-old daughter, Paislee, and is currently entrenched in a legal battle with her mother, Taylor Halibur. Taylor accused Adam of drugging earlier this year, and asked a judge to deny all unsupervised visits with their daughter.

Court docs state that Adam had meth in his system “just over 24 hours before he was to have the parties’ minor child.”

Teen Mom 2 fans watched Chelsea react to Adam’s drug test fail.   

“You don’t just do meth and get off of it,” Chelsea told an MTV producer. “You get hooked. The fact that he was doing it knowing he had to take a drug test every other week…It means he probably has a problem. I wish she didn’t have a drug addict father.”


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